Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

This morning was so fun! Asher squealed and rushe
d (on his knees) to see what new things he could discover. The jelly bean filled eggs were a big hit. He shook them until the candy exploded all over the floor, and then he Easter realized what was inside! He started shoving them into his mouth as fast as he could. Foamy, colored drool was getting all over the floor and his church clothes! Pretty cute, but what a mess.

After church, Corey helped Asher take a ride with his new 'wheels.'

He thought he was pretty cool having his own wagon chauffeur.
We can't wait til next year when we can do an Easter egg hunt!

Uncle Aaron loves to make Asher laugh.

Corey's family was over for Easter dinner. We all had a great time visiting, eating and playing games (yep, I FINALLY won Settlers!).

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Here we are...

Well, we decided to jump
on the blogging bandwagon
and share some tidbits of o

Asher just got to spend a couple of weeks with his grandpa and grandma Reitz, and his cousin Austin and Aunt Shawntel. They all visited New Mexico to welcome Uncle Adam home from his mission in Anaheim, California. We had a great time and Asher loved playing with everyone.

Our little man (Asher) is our favorite! He loves to laugh, and he keeps us all laughing as well.

Dion the dog is his favorite though (I guess we know how we rate!).
One of our favorite new things to do as a family is go to the zoo...Asher loves the train.

We are looking forward to lots of fun times this spring and summer with family and friends. We'll keep ya posted!