Monday, April 28, 2008

A visit with the (grand)parents

We love it when family comes into town for a visit. We always fill our days with fun things and too much food. Why is it that people have to visit you for you to feel like you are on vacation in your own town?
My parents flew in for an enjoyable visit this past weekend. Asher always has so much fun with them...eating things he isn't usually allowed to, staying up past bedtime, missing naps (yikes!), laughing at Grandpa's goofy Donald Duck impersonation (actually, not half bad), and doling out more kisses to my mom in 2 days than I can squeeze out of him in a couple of weeks.
We hit the zoo, as we always try to do when family comes to town. I think we may have too much "zoo pride", as we are always promoting how great our zoo is here in Albuquerque (and yes, we have our annual pass). It was a perfect, warm spring day and we saw lots of great animals, and even scored a camel ride! Asher enjoys it a little more every time we go which makes it even better. Grandma and Grandpa made sure he had a basketball hoop of his own too, and he was dunking that ball in no time, although he's already missing his loudest fans cheering him on.

Ah, the Costco food court. No visit from my parents is ever complete without a trip to the local Costco. It's my Dad's favorite store, period.

Asher, trying to escape as always.

These camel pics crack me up. Me and Ash up front, and Corey hanging on the back end behind the hump. He looks like he's our servant boy, bringing up the rear.

Watch out Michael Jordan (is his tongue sticking out?)!

It was great to have them here with us for the weekend, fun but too short! Thanks for everything! Love you guys!

Goofy kid...wearing pajama pants on his head.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bowl-ful of laughs

After rummaging through a closet, Asher came to me with this piece of equipment, excitedly proclaiming what it was he had found. I just had to capture this on video for a good laugh.

He isn't too far off though, is he? It is, after all, a CUP!

Amazing how these little people think outside the box, isn't it??

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sweet Baby

While wading through the doldrums of my Friday afternoon, I had an unexpected surprise hand delivered by the nice fedex man. FLOWERS!! No real reason, Corey just said, "he was thinking of me." Ah, how sweet! Needless to say it was a nice surprise in my otherwise unexciting day.

Wives are allowed some bragging rights every once in a while, right?

Thanks sweety! They are gorgeous, and I am one lucky gal. Love you!