Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Since school started up last month, we've been busy getting into our routine.  September has been busy but fun.  School is keeping the boys busy, but not too busy.  We headed up to Bandelier for a day trip over Fall Break.  Soccer started up too, so we are in the throws of weekly practices, games and tournaments.  It's always fun to start up the season again after a summer hiatus, and I know the boys enjoy it too.  Dawson is along for the ride most days and doesn't seem to mind all the car rides, stops, pick ups, games, parks, and general overall craziness!  He's a good sport.  Here are some bits from our month:

  •  'Talk Like a Pirate' Day at Krispy Kreme.  Yes, we donned eye patches, stripes and in Dawson's case, a full on pirate costume.  We sold our for doughnuts, and we plan on doing it again and again because it's too fun not too!  Beckett refused to dress up with us but did enjoy the doughnut booty.  Who knows, maybe we can persuade him next year.  Good times!

  • The boys took part in Spirit Week at school.  There was a crazy hair day where they had blue hair, twin day (pictured below), and others.  It was fun!
  • Then there's our soccer days.  This time of year is just glorious, so being outside for the practices and games is more of a treat than a burden (like in the springtime).  Dawson loves playing in the grass, and we love cheering on our boy's teams.  Soccer season is in full swing over here!

7 months

Seven Months!  This month we had some milestones...

  • He started rocking back and forth on all four's.  
  • He has been chanting, "momomomomom,"  and I totally love it.  Yes, I do!  He's a chatty baby anyway, but this is for sure my favorite so far!
  • The biggest thing he did this month is...(drumroll)...CRAWL!  But, this boy doesn't have just any crawl.  No sir.  He likes to crawl around with his right leg kicked out to the side, using the left side to do all the groundwork.  It's so funny, and we all love watching him maneuver around Dawson style.  I've started calling it his 'kickstand crawl'.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Birthday time

And just like that I'm another year older.  Sigh. This past year has had so many ups and downs, it's crazy.  As I look back though, I wouldn't change a thing because I'm better for it.  For all of it.  Our little family means the world to me and I thank God every day for them.  And a big thanks goes out to my sweet husband Corey for always trying to make birthdays fun for me!  Delicious food, a fun lunch with just us, a fun dessert, italian sodas and presents to boot.  The kids help to make it fun too with sweet notes and thoughts, and then there's the party hats.  They really can't resist getting out all the random party hats they can rustle up.  We had a fun family party and enjoyed celebrating together! Happy Birthday to me!  Woot woot!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bandelier Boys

It's Labor Day weekend, and instead of going somewhere for a few days we decided to get some much better sleep in our own beds and do a day trip to Bandelier National Monument on Saturday. After a two hour drive, we arrived up in White Rock around 9:15, ready for our adventure to begin.  A shuttle took us up to the Park, we had a short tour from a guide and then were off to explore the ruins for ourselves.  Corey and I had been here once before with some friends, but that was before we had kids!  Learning and exploring with the boys was so fun. 

Our walk/hike through the park was around 2.5 miles, but the weather was perfect with some cool breezes and sunshine so even the boys didn't think it was too bad.  We looked up and around the old cave dwellings and the foundations and kivas.  We saw a doe and her babies only feet away.  We watched a squirrel climb a tree, and Eagles soar in the sky.  We climbed ladders and looked out onto the valley floor.  The boys wanted to live in a few of the caves, figuring we'd have everything we needed right there.  Uh, no. I was especially proud of Asher and Beckett for making it to the top of the 'Alcove', a very high, steep climb straight up four ladders. Corey and I took turns with Dawson so we could both go up and it was seriously steep.  I would have been fine, but Beckett decided to come back up a second time with me and that's where my real nerves kicked in.  Mom stress was pulsing through my body with every step he climbed up the rock cliff.  It was totally freaking me out.  I'm not sure how Corey survived taking them both up there the first time!  Ironically, Beckett had been saying that he didn't want to go up at all because he was "afraid of heights."  I think after going up it twice we can officially say he most definitely is not afraid.  Good job buddy!

Dawson was a champ throughout the morning, and really seemed to enjoy being outside walking around.  We wore him in a front pack and he was happy as can be, even rebounding off of my legs while I climbed down one of the smaller ladders!  He fell asleep on Corey for the walk back to the visitor's center though.  Being worn is exhausting work. 

The boys turned in Junior Ranger workbooks and excitedly earned their badges, which I must say are very cool.  Funny enough, that was one of their favorite parts!
After Bandelier, we headed back down to Santa Fe for a yummy lunch at the Santa Fe Bite (formerly known as the Bobcat Bite).  We've been meaning to try that place for ages as they are supposed to have the best burgers. We'd definitely go again, only next time I would actually order a burger instead of just stealing bites of Corey's, although my street tacos were also yummy.  After lunch we strolled around the Plaza, walked through the cathedral and ended up going through the Palace of the Governor's/History of Santa Fe Museum for an hour or so.  The kids enjoyed that too and we will be back to see more with them.  In past years, we've avoided Santa Fe with the boys for the most part because it didn't seem like there was much to do, but they enjoyed it more this go 'round. 
All in all...we had an amazing day, made some fun memories, and all came home absolutely exhausted and ready to eat waffles and strawberries for dinner.  Happy Labor Day weekend!