Sunday, March 6, 2011

Partners in crime(fighting).

Asher and Beckett are partners in crime. Asher loves to come running up to me, bursting with news of Beckett getting into some sort of trouble or making some sort of mess. The most recent case and point: "Mooooom, Beckett cracked some eggs on the floor, ...and on himself!" All this is relayed to me with a HUGE grin on his face. My reply, "What happened? And wipe that grin off your face." Asher tried as hard as he could with his hands to make the smile go away, but failed miserably. Yes, there was such a mess awaiting me on the kitchen floor. Ah, well....

The times that I do happen to hear part of what is happening before Asher tells me, I hear Ash chiding Beckett on, and giggling like crazy as Beckett (for example) flings toilet paper off the roll as fast as he can, or rips out as many wipies as possible leaving the floor more white than not. Yes, they seem to 'help' each other out plenty. Sometimes(definitely NOT always) I have to try to wipe the smile off my face too, before I have to go and show some authority:)

And they are oh, so cute with their matching super hero capes on. Crime-fighters to the end...getting all the 'bad guys'. (Thanks again to Auntie Danna for her mad sewing skills and creativity!)

I love it when they do things together, or help one another out. If only those moments lasted a titch longer, but I'm not expecting a miracle. After all, what goes around comes around, right? Here are a few of those 'makin' me smile' moments I wanted to snap.

Packing for our trip to San Diego...they were tryin' out the headphones while I threw clothes into suitcases.

These two love their trains, and playing outside together.

Garbage day.

Oh, I love it when Ash wants to read to his little bro:)

No, this doesn't last long. Within the first 5 minutes there's usually a scuffle.
That, and they barely fit. But they're sure cute all squished in there together.