Monday, April 27, 2009

A picture's worth a thousand words...

...So, this post is worth a lot more than that! I think I must be the luckiest momma ever. After having Beckett, I had TWO amazing, talented photographer pals who gifted us a photo shoot. I love them; the photos turned out beautifully. The hard part now is which ones do I NOT choose to put up! I am so grateful to my generous friends for sharing their talent with me and for forever providing my family with these priceless captured moments. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

These are some of my favorites from each shoot:

Pictures with Pam (Click here for her blog site)

Pictures with Bri (Click here for her blog site)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sworn In

This past Monday, we spent the morning in Santa Fe for Corey's 'Swearing In,' the final step in the process to officially becoming a lawyer. I was going to leave Asher with a friend, but at the last minute decided to bring him since the ceremony was for "family and friends." I felt bad about leaving him when he could be there just as easily. Besides a very exciting trip to Costco, this was our first real trip out as a family! Jail-break! It was liberating I must say.

The kids did great on the drive up and back, which was a real plus. But the ceremony itself was another story. Asher did as expected. He was a typical 3 year old, taking advantage of the situation, knowing full well we'd give him anything he wanted to keep him quiet. Beckett, on the other hand, who doesn't know he can bargain like that, did as he pleased...and he wanted to be fussy. So, thinking I had plenty of time until they announced Corey (which also includes a fellow attorney friend of his, a.k.a. a movant, saying some very complimentary things), I went into the lobby area to feed Beckett. It only took me about 20 minutes, and just before I was finished, Corey came out to tell me it was almost time. No problem, I thought, as I readied my camera. I stood at the back entrance area waiting...waiting...waiting. Then, Corey sneaked back to tell me they'd already done it. WHAT?!? I was fuming mad, and went outside for a few minutes to re-group. After I came back in, I did get to catch the part where he actually raises his hand and takes an oath. I guess that was at least something.

The big moment.

Corey and Nathan (his movant...the guy who said all the nice things I didn't get to hear).

The redeeming part of the day was lunch. We went to this cute restaurant on the Plaza in Old Town called The Pink Adobe. It was relaxing, yummy and fun. And anything followed by some delicious gelato is worthy of doing. (I do love gelato, mmmm.)

The family...Beckett is in the stroller:) And that is Asher's new response to someone telling him to smile.

I am glad I was able to partially attend his big day in Santa Fe. I am also glad this marks the final step to Corey officially becoming an attorney. Congrats again, babe, and I'm SO glad we're done!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

Happy Easter! This year it felt more like November than April, waking up to pouring rain and grey skies...a total anomoly for us here in the desert. On Saturday morning I sent Asher and Corey to the local park for the community Easter events which are usually so fun for the kids. I guess somebody whimped out due to the rain and cancelled the whole thing without any notice or signs. Asher went down a slide, drenched his clothes in process, and they came home. What a bummer!

Corey's parents were in town this weekend, so everyone came over for an Easter BBQ in the evening. We ate, visited, and Corey challenged any takers to some more Wii (surely the newness will wear off soon??) Claudia gives us each a See's Rocky Road egg for Easter each year. I am always horrified by the fat content in that delectible, cute, little, half marshmallow egg...and I always manage to eat the whole thing within a day. A little here, a little there and somehow it dissapears. Very mysterious, and very yummy.

My Easter baking experiment...a "Pink Azalea"cake.

Dying eggs was a highlight this year. We told Ash to gently place the eggs into the dye, and his interpretation involved simply dropping them into it, so we had a couple of casualties but he had fun.

Easter morning was entertaining watching Asher excitedly bound down the stairs at the sight of his Easter loot. The Easter Bunny gave Asher a "Thomas" backpack in lieu of a basket loaded with fun stuff. He thinks it's pretty cool to have a backpack since Daddy always has one with him. Of course, Daddy's isn't nearly as cool. It was a fun morning, and a fun holiday.

Ash just had to try on the bunny hat. And bounce around the house.

I am torn on major holidays as the "true meaning" seems to get so muddled with all the other festivities. I admit that Corey and I are easily sucked in to the frenzy of the is fun, after all. We have a lot of friends who have the Easter Bunny visit their homes on Saturday, so that Sunday can be focused on the real meaning of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ and all that it encompasses. I wonder if we should do the same, or if we'll be able to strike a better balance just seems tricky to let the kids get all excited over candy and prizes from the Easter Bunny, and then to try switching to a more meaningful tone all in the same morning.

These are a few recent pics I wanted to post:

Asher loves to frost those cupcakes...and eats as much frosting as he can in the process.

Still helping with the laundry.

Sharing ice cream cones with the little buddy.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Smarty Pants

Last Friday I received a phone call from Corey. He didn't start the conversation with a hi or a hello...the first words out of his mouth were, "I passed." He sounded kind of funny and I didn't quite catch what he was talking about. I soon realized what was going on and was ecstatic. He passed the NM Bar exam! He was still a little numb and in shock when he called I think, which is why he sounded different on the phone. I think he said he was shaking a little too when he found out. He has been such a trooper this past year...finishing school (while working), having a pregnant wife at home on bed rest, studying for the Bar Exam, having a baby (who he went to visit at the NICU almost every night), taking the exam, and PASSING the exam! I am so proud of him and how he accomplishes the goals he sets, regardless of how hard it may be at the time. Way to go, Corey!

Do you not love this shirt?

The letter from the Bar Examiners came the next day and not only did it say he passed, but that he passed and did REALLY well too. He amazes me. He's been in school for a huge part of our married life, attaining his Bachelor's in Business, a Master's in Marketing and CIS, and now his J.D. and passing the Bar. I know I'm ready for it to be over with, and I am positive he agrees (or at least he better!).
We still need to celebrate though...being under house arrest until RSV season clears (only a couple more weeks!) doesn't leave us with many options, so I'll have to come up with something great in the meantime. We did post a big, cheesy banner on the garage door with streamers for him though, and I didn't get a picture. Bummer.
So, now that the annoying academic weight has been lifted from his shoulders I think we can all move forward with our new family and enjoy a little more. It's funny...Asher still prays that Daddy will have a good day at work and school, so it may take a little time for the reality of it all being done to sink in.
Congratulations Corey (aka Corey S. Reitz, Esquire)! Love you, and thanks for always working so hard!

Super Dad with new baby

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wii be gamin'

Since the day we were married, I made it VERY clear to Corey that we would never have a gaming system in our house. In my mind (and from first hand experience) the machines could only breed contention...fighting, jealousy, rage, unhealthy competitiveness. Plus they waste and monopolize time in a monstrous way. EVIL contraptions...that's what my theory has always been. is the part where I eat my words. Pregnancy must have gobbled up any rationality I had left, because I found myself thinking that maybe it was a good time to get one. I wanted to surprise Corey (BOY, would he have been surprised. I'm kind of disappointed I didn't get to see the look on his face), but I didn't have a clue as to which one we should get. So, I mentioned it to him. His initial response was absolute surprise, but that he thought he was past that and we didn't need one. Throughout the following week, I spied him searching Amazon, Walmart, Target and Costco for info on, you guessed it, gaming systems (past that phase indeed). Then a few days after that he loaded Asher into the car on a Thursday night, drove to Costco, and bought a Wii. His rationale for choosing this particular system was that it is more interactive, and a good choice for families. Hmmm.
Corey and his bro Aaron playing Mario Kart. Who do you think is winning?

The Wii has actually been fun, and my normally competitive nature hasn't kept me from playing, even though I am and always have been ridiculously awful at playing these games. Corey has already bought some other games, had his brother and friends over for a go, and is accumulating a list of desired games ("I think Asher would really like this one," he says. Sure he would).
Asher does love it though, whether it's for the games themselves, or just playing and hanging out with us. His absolute favorite is "Rolling Ball" which is actually Bowling. He has invented his own approach, which resembles something closer to pitching a fast ball. I've tried it for myself and can't seem to get it to work. I am totally confounded that it works at all, but work it does, getting him both spares and strikes.

Align CenterCheck out his killer wind up: