Thursday, March 27, 2014

Soccer Players!

This year, soccer has been so much fun to watch.  Asher, in particular, has really picked up his game and was on a team (The Earthquakes) with a bunch of other great players.  These boys only lost one game the whole season!  They were ultra competitive, played well as a team, learned a lot, tried hard and had a great coach too.  Asher really enjoyed learning more of the defensive skills this year and wasn't afraid to attack that ball.  His scoring was awesome too.  It really was such a fun year to watch him grow and have fun out there!  I also love seeing how he is so positive with his team mates and loves to cheer on his friends...his sportsmanship is amazing.

Beckett also had a great soccer year.  It was his first year playing so we weren't sure what he'd think.  He'd had some experience playing in the back yard with Ash, and was excited to sign up last spring.  The first half of the year, he was a scoring maniac for his team (the Green Hornets) , with an average of 5 goals per game.  It was hilarious.  By the spring season, the kiddos were starting to catch on better so his dominance wasn't so obvious.  He shared the ball a little better (phew) and still had a great time playing out there.  Those little guys are too cute with their uniforms on, and the games are very entertaining, although not for the reasons you'd expect.  U5 games are the best for kids scoring in the other teams goals, butterfly chasing, throwing fits and demanding time out from the game, picking clover, etc.  Oh, and the snacks reign supreme.  Love it.

Honestly though, cheering on my boys never gets old!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hoopin' it Up

We have loved watching Ash play basketball.  This is the first year he's played and the kid's got some real drive.  He played with the YMCA league and lucked out with a great coach.  He had a blast learning all the basic skills and really loved playing the game.  He scored at least one shot nearly every game, and would run down the court, arms up high to celebrate.  Yes, it's borderline 'show-boating", but he's sure cute, and is such a team player, cheering his fellow players on so loudly during his own time on the bench that there's really no harm in it.  He loves to practice, loves to play and spends so much time in the backyard shooting hoops that I'd say this is definitely his current fave sport.  I'm loving it's the only indoor sport he's played so wind, rain, or cold weather.  Basketball has definitely been a fun sport for all.  We love our #5.  Go Ash!