Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

 This time of year is the BEST.  I always say that.  And it's always true.  This year we tried our hand at candy corn cookies, homemade maple bars (oh, yum), and other fun treats.  We headed out to the Pumpkin Patch for some games and pumpkins, played outside in the amazing fall weather, built pretend fires in the backyard (see pic) and just enjoyed the season.

Halloween was a fun one this year, and the boys looked super duper awesome in their chosen costumes.  Ash-man wanted to be a pirate, argh.  And Beck wanted to be nothing but a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Leo to be exact.  Both boys were excited to wear their costumes. Our pumpkin carving was fun too...the boys were proud of their chosen creations that required minimal lots of willing help from Cor and myself.  The trunk or treat was fun as always, and gave the boys a ready made stash of candy before Halloween.

On Halloween night, Adam and Kayla were able to come out with us again which made for a fun evening.  Chili and cornbread, then we hit the neighborhood to be entertained by decorated houses, excited kiddos and all the fun costumes.  Our boys had a great time and came home with LOTS of loot.  This year, after all the candy hoopla, and after getting to the point when mom doesn't let them eat much of it anymore, the boys thought up a creative idea of what to do with all that candy.  ART!  They decided to create 3-D art projects on paper with candy as their chosen medium.  I thought it was pretty clever of them. Happy Halloween!