Monday, May 19, 2008

The J.D.

Law School Graduation. I know, graduation ceremonies are normally less than exciting, but this one was very exciting for our family. What it means most to me is that when he comes home, he won't be disappearing up the stairs to read his fascinating law textbooks while I do the dishes and try to keep Asher occupied before bedtime. When he's home, he will actually be home.

Corey really did work hard during this, his LAST degree (he promised...we'll see). During his first semester, I was on bedrest and pregnant with Asher, so he was doing it ALL. Homework, cooking (we ate a lot of tacos), cleaning (well, he did try at least), and the added burden of my nightmarishly stressful pregnancy. Since his second semester, he held down his job at Sandia National Laboratories, went to school, had church callings, and somehow made time for me and Asher amidst all the madness. The fact that he graduated on time with his class is nothing short of a miracle.

Pics after Friday night's reception at the Albuquerque Museum.

Friday night we attended a reception where they gave awards to students who focused on different clubs and specialties. It was the never-ending presentation, and really had me worrying about how long they would torture us the next day at the actual graduation. The upside...the food was surprisingly good.

On Saturday, we went to Corey's graduation/hooding ceremony at UNM. It was a day that's been 3 years in the making, and I was more than ready to cheer him on when his name was announced. We had seats on the second row, and Asher yelled "Corey, Corey!" as loud as he could when he was walking across the lawn to be hooded (sounds mysterious, doesn't it?). It was pretty cute to see how proud Asher was of his Daddy. Thankfully, the graduation was fairly short and sweet, and its a good thing since Asher was 2 hours past nap time and it started to rain right after it was finished. Rain is never good for an outdoor graduation (anybody remember my High School Graduation...rained out and the photographer was struck by lightning!).

UNM School of Law, Class of 2008

Check out that huge grin on Corey's face! This was a good day.

Aaron and Meagan (can't wait to meet that baby girl!) rallying for support.

We spent the entire main address playing on the stairs! Asher wasn't thrilled about sitting in the hot sun on a chair with a hole in the back so big he was literally falling through it.

Corey's "Hooding." By the way, there is no hood involved. It's more like a giant sash being draped over them. Hmm, maybe it should be called a "Draping."

How could any kid resist grabbing a tassel?

Corey's parents flew into town for the big day, and it was nice to get to spend some time with them. Again, too much food, fun shopping, and lots of late night chatting and laughing. Asher had some fun letting Grandpa Reitz torment him (is he laughing or crying?), and lots of hugs from Grandma. We had lots of fun visiting with everyone.

Congratulations on all your hard work Corey!! We are SO proud of you.

P.S. He'll be taking the Bar Exam in February, so as of now, we aren't sure if there will be any big changes for our family.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nine Years and Counting...

I know it sounds cliche, but wow, time really does fly by! I can't believe we have been married close to a decade, and that we've known each other for close to 12 years (yes, in Mormon time we dated for FOREVER).

I remember when I met Corey, and how instantly drawn I was to him, and how we harassed each other (flirting?) during our first few encounters. He is the charismatic, funny, smart, loyal, and loving man I hoped I would one day find.

I love his contagious smile. I love that he values family time (much) more than work time. I love that he sings ALL the time and never knows the right lyrics. I love that he enjoys shopping. I love how he can help me see the light when I am being ridiculous and irrational (come on, I'm a female). I love how he makes me laugh. I love how he makes Asher's day just by coming home. I love how he supports me completely in whatever I want to pursue. I love that he sets goals for himself, and achieves them. I love what a devoted father he is to Asher. I love that he loves me.

He is a keeper.

And here is a little flashback to May 8, 1999...funny how we haven't changed at all!!! hehehehe


Hawaiian honeymooners.

Ticket stub from first date, and a goofy old pic while we were dating.


Happy Anniversary Corey! I love you:)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Surprise Visit

Around noon on Friday afternoon, Asher and I were hanging out and eating our fancy lunch of peanut butter and honey sandwiches when we heard the doorbell ring. I opened up the door and found quite a surprise! There was Grandpa Blake (Corey's mom's dad), standing on our doorstep and smiling. He will be 88 years old this July, and is one of the most independent, free-spirited guys I've met (any of you who attended the dinner the night before our wedding may recall Grandpa's jokes:). He just stopped by to say hi, as he was passing through on his way to a Navy reunion in Corpus Christi, TX.

He brought a manila envelope loaded with pictures of Corey's fam from years back; a fun treat since we don't have any of Corey's pictures from his growing up years. If I'd had a little extra time I would have scanned in every one of them! We were thrilled that he was able to meet Asher and that we were able to get some pics of them. We haven't seen him for 3 and a half years or so, which made this short visit even more suprising!

Grandpa Blake is known especially for his many jokes, his amazing potato salad, and his uncanny ability to plan shindigs for huge groups of people. Corey came home from work early, and his brother Aaron came over to chat with Grandpa too. Adam (Corey's youngest brother) was on his way down to see him too, but just missed him. Grandpa had to go; he needed to cover a little more ground that evening in order to make it to the big event on time. And so, after a visit to Fuddrucker's, Grandpa Blake was off again.

So, if any of you see an 87 year old man driving a blue mini-van, proceed with caution, and give him a friendly wave. Thanks for stopping by Grandpa Blake, we love you and hope to see you again soon!