Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Week 2014

The boys had the entire week off from school this week!  I would normally have tried to get out and do fun things, but in my cautious pregnant state, I felt it best to take a more mellow route and we stayed around the house and had some fun instead.  The boys grocery shopped with me, played the Wii, read books, and played outside, played Star Wars and played Harry Potter. It sort of seemed like summertime only colder!

We were lucky enough to have TWO Thanksgiving dinners in a row this year.  Our friends, the Kingston's had us over for a delish dinner on Wednesday night before they headed out of town for the weekend, and then we had Thanksgiving at our place with Meagan and the girls on Thursday (Aaron had to  The food was great, thanks to Corey, Meagan and myself and of course we indulged in the obligatory Thanksgiving stuffing of ourselves, talked, and hung out until we could fit a little pie in too.  The kids played their hearts out too.  Great day!  This year I am thankful for so many husband and boys, our home, family and friends, health, a new baby coming (hopefully not too) soon, my faith in Christ, and a good life.  There are too many things to name, but my heart is full of thanks for so many things!

Thursday morning, Corey and the boys headed out to our annual 5k run.  They ended up doing great, with Corey taking 4th place in his age group, and Asher taking 3rd (although actually 2nd place due to a mostly jogging stroller propelled Beckett taking 2nd place, thus bumping him up to his actual place).  GREAT job boys!

As far as Black Friday goes, we are not really participants, except for online shopping, in which we are well practiced!  Corey scored a couple of items, and I perused a bit, and am excited to say that I am almost 100% finished Christmas shopping, whew! With only a few weeks til Christmas, I want to be sure to enjoy the rest of the month to the fullest.  We put up our tree, and stockings on Friday too, and we are ready to go for the holidays this year!  All we need is a little snow (which most people here would lynch me for saying) and everything will be perfect!  Let the Christmas music play and bring on the month of December!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

Fall!  Glorious fall.  It's been beautiful and fun around here, and Halloween was all about Avenger super heroes this year.  After going through several ideas of what to dress up as this year, the boys made it easy on me and liked the ones at Costco just as well as anything else.  Yay for easy costumes!  They were really excited, and although they haven't actually seen the movies, they love the characters and I showed them a bunch of movie previews to get them psyched. 
The ward trunk or treat was simple and nice. The boys had fun, and as always they came home with loads of candy.  Our trip to the pumpkin patch was filled with pig-petting, games, slides and rubber duck racing.  We carved our pumpkins a couple of nights before Halloween and this year we actually let Asher do his own, knife and all.  They all came out really great, and one of the pumpkins was even grown in our backyard (the one Corey is holding)...our little pet pumpkin we'd check on every day, now all grown up and carved on the front porch.  Ahhhh.

On Halloween night, Kayla came over to hang and help us out with trick or treating.  We did the annual chili and cornbread and had some pumpkin cake after trick or treating. The King family trick or treated with the kids too, so our little band of boys was off and running for the loot as soon as they had the chance.  I can't believe how big my boys are getting.  I still have flashbacks of Beck's little bobbing lion head and tail from a few years back as toddled from house to house.  Too fast...they grow up too fast!  I'm glad they're still small enough that we can go out with them and watch it all.  I just love my little super heroes.

Fun costumes, fun food, fun night, and now lots of candy to try not to eat:)  Happy Halloween!