Friday, July 25, 2008

Why not?

It's been fun to leave memories on other people's blogs, so I figured why not try it out myself?

As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember! Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you (if you already haven't). It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sixties and Sprinklers

Corey, being a good sport in his duds. I was so proud of these jeans I found, rocks are sewn all the way down the front!

We went to a Sixties Party this weekend, which gave us an excuse to dress up and look totally groovy. The hosts of the party are oh-so-clever with their invitations, and at the party we all sat on blankets in the backyard, played games, and ate cheese fondue and other yummy treats. It was a nice break from the norm, and also because we actually hired ourselves a babysitter for the night, which we have got to do more often. It's just so hard to find good help these days (seriously, we've had many who just won't or can't change a diaper, are you kidding me?). Here's a sampling of the party-goers:

Our hosts, the Salines and the Allens.

Me and Core. The Symes, even baby Julia was swathed in tye-dye.

Gorman's and Amanda...check out that awesome white one-piece suit she wore!

Corey entertaining the Gorman's little cutie.

Then on Saturday, Corey and Asher tried out our walkie talkies, then our new wild sprinkler and had too much fun chasing each other through the water flying everywhere. I was a dry spectator that day, but I did try it out a little with him today (alas, the pool was closed...chemical issues) and it was pretty fun after all. It was a nice, relaxing weekend; we grilled, we played, we went on a date, and I am definitely getting used to the idea of no more homework for Corey.

Our Saturday morning view (every week). You can't help but take a peek outside when it sounds like a fire-breathing dragon is descending upon your house. Plus, Asher loves them.

Run, Asher. Run!

Breaker, breaker....over and out.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Love Them Box Seats

My boys flashing their VIP bracelets.

Friday night Corey came home with a surprise. His being in the right place at the right time scored him 6 tickets to the Isotopes Baseball game, in a box suite. His boss has part ownership in one of them and was just trying to get rid of some tickets for Saturday's game. What luck! We love going to the games, and the new stadium is the coolest. We decided to invite the Symes family, since their 4 year old Dallin is one of the biggest fans we know. Seriously, this kid knows the players names! He and Asher get along pretty well too, considering the age gap. We had a great time and loved our fantastic seats perched just between home plate and first base. The biggest disappointment was the TERRIBLE Dion's pizza. We will never eat that at the park again. Nasty, nasty stuff that could easily have been mistaken for cardboard with faux cheese plastered on it. I was so hungry at the time that I didn't realize how bad it really was until I'd already eaten it. Ewww. Next time it's back to the tried and true hot dog at the ball game (or maybe one of those philly cheesesteaks that always smell so good when you walk by). That's just about the only place I'll eat one though; why do hot dogs always seem to taste so good at a game?

Asher didn't seem to mind the gross pizza too much.

The highlight of the night was watching Asher run the bases. It's a tradition after each home game to let all the kids run around the bases on the field. We had never let Asher do it before because parents aren't allowed to go with them, and we were afraid he'd get trampled by the masses of bigger kids that participate. He was the cutest little thing down there! So confident and proud as all the kids were zooming by and his shorts were nearly falling down. After passing home plate, he cut back in just after third base to bask in the glory once more. Does that count for two home runs? Hmmm. Unfortunately my camera hated the lights and I didn't get a very good shot, next time I'll find the right setting!

Cheering on the 'topes.

The Symes family taking in the game.

Check out that little runner!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Summer and swimming...practically synonymous, right? Not unless the water is at least 70 degrees. Asher is almost done with his first week of swimming lessons. It's a Parent-Tot class, which (sigh) means I have to get in too. I have never been a fan of cold water, and this pool is FREEZING cold. I thought kids just swam around like fish regardless of the water temperature. Not so with our Asher. After suffering for 15 minutes, he starts clinging to me and yelling, "Cold! Cold! I get out!" Only after his lips start turning blue, his skin is nothing but goosebumps and his teeth are chattering do I finally concede and let him get out. He spends the second half of his lesson laying on the sunbaked cement next to the pool watching the rest of the kids suffer with their parents. It has become a ritual, and honestly, it's not one I am averse to. I want him to be totally comfortable in the water, and those City Parks and Rec people are doing everything in their power to thwart my plan! Thankfully this session is only 2 weeks long, so if I sign up for another one, it will be later in the afternoon for sure. In the meantime, I wake up every morning dreading that blasted pool, and hoping that when they say "This pool is heated," that they really mean it.

There's Asher, chillin' by the lifeguard, and soaking up the rays (with all that sunscreen on).

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fantastic Fourth

We started out the excitement of the day just after midnight, when we received a text message from Aaron (Corey's brother here in town) saying that their baby girl had just arrived! Yep, little Emery Vail is a 4th of July baby, and every year there will be fireworks on her cool! In the morning we went to breakfast for our Ward, then headed to the hospital to visit the newest member of the Reitz family. Aaron and Meagan are such cute, proud new parents. It is so sweet to see how the miracle of a baby being born can add such depth and purpose to life. It will be so fun to be near them as she grows, as we don't have any other cousins nearby! Congrats to you both, we are SO happy for you! Asher didn't like the hospital visit at all, and he refused to look normal in any of the pictures...grimacing, scowling...making sure we knew exactly how he felt about being there. All he wanted to do was ride the elevator (imagine that).

Beautiful new mama and baby!

Proud new daddy

Check out that face Asher is pulling. Is it really that bad?

In the evening we headed over to the Tracey's for a bbq. The kids all ate and played and the adults ate, talked and played a little Blongo (that game with two balls on a rope being tossed onto a three tierd stand). Corey and I did win one round! Yeah! Asher had a blast playing with all those kids, and eating popsickles. He still has blue streaks running down his arms. Who knew popsickles stained skin?

Asher and Sidney eating popsickles, before the blue stains permeated his skin!

Afterwards, we followed the Peterson fam to Rio Rancho to catch the fireworks. Besides the ones at Disney World last month, Asher hadn't really seen any. He has been talking about them for days though, so we knew he'd like it this year. Once they started, he was in awe and really loved it. Who doesn't love fireworks? They always make me think of growing up and sitting on a huge blanket with my family, oooohhing and aaahhhing at every one. Remember those days? I love that I get to repeat great memories with a family of my own.

We tagged along with the Peterson family to see fireworks.

Asher staring in wonder at the fireworks. Somehow the setting I had my camera on ended up giving us these crazy psychedelic squiggles in the pics!

Happy 4th of July. What a great country we live in!