Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Gooooooo Vipers!  This year Asher played his first year of T-ball!  It was a riot.  Several times a week, Corey transformed into 'Coach Corey'...the awesome dad who volunteered his time to learn all the kids names with rhymes, the guy who patiently tried to get kids picking clover in the outfield to grab the ball that rolled by them, the guy who taught the kiddos to run the bases in the right order and direction, and the guy who zoomed from work and donated a bunch of time so his little boy could play t-ball. What a guy.  I totally loved our team's coach this year (hehehe)!

Asher was awesome!  He really got into it, and had a great first season playing baseball.  He learned all the basics and will likely be moving on up to machine pitch next year (yikes!).  He can't wait to do it again. Watching Asher play in his oversized shirt, baggy pants, and hat pulled over his eyes was too cute. Me and Beck had a good time cheering them on too, despite the relentless Albuquerque spring winds.  There were a bunch of my friends with kids on our team, so every game was loads of fun, even if the game was dragging a bit.  We all suffered the cold, and the wind, and shared snacks and rides amongst one another.   He loves the game and they had a great season.  Here's to a new sport for the Reitz family, with (very likely) many more seasons to come!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring Moments...

April!  Snowstorm (what in the world?!), Cinderella Play, field trips (the aquarium), last days of Kindergarten (McDonald's for lunch, after school playing with friends, fun field day with games, contests and dancing), handsome Easter boys (oh, love my boys in ties all dressed up for church), visit from Grandma and Grandpa Pettit (the zoo, the Tinkertown Museum), Uncle Aaron's fire station (also with Gma and Gpa Pettit...Corey looked pretty cool all dressed up), cruising in the yard, Tumble Tots fun, and the Circus with Gma and Gpa Reitz (we were obsessed with the clown noses, and Asher danced like a madman to the music)!  This is a quick glance through a fun but busy month in pictures.