Wednesday, January 27, 2016

11 Months

Oh baby, oh baby, oh!  We are just getting started with the fun that this boy dishes out.  At 11 months Dawson...

  • Says "bah-bah" when we point to the sheep in his book and ask him what he says.
  • Folds his arms for prayers.  Melts me every time.
  • Loves to get into the drawer beneath the oven and all of its contents.  On his craziest days he leaves me with a few cake pans, three muffin tin pans, a pizza pan(his most favorite) and all of my silpats scattered across the kitchen floor. 
  • Drives around a little firetruck, Mcqueen or any car at all he can find.  Loves anything with wheels.
  • Said ba-ba and waved bye to Daddy!
  • Adores soft fleecy blankets.  He loves to rub his face all over them and roll around.  These blankets make him so happy.
  • Waits for people to look at him and smile.  When we are out and about he will stare at someone, smiling, and without fail they eventually notice him and comment on how cute he is and what a great smile he has.  It cracks me up.  
  • Really enjoys 'shake and go' cars and tries to shake any car he has in his hand.  It's a little confusing to him as to why they can't all make the 'vroom' sound and then speed off on their own.
  • Loves balls, all kinds of balls.  When Asher hands him a soccer ball on our way to soccer practice, Dawson chants, "ball, ball, ball, ball" incessantly.  He LOVES balls. 
  • Loves it when Daddy gets home.  This little man adores his Dad!
  • Is testing out more climbing skills.(see photo)  He's getting more creative, uh-oh.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

10 months

Ten whole months have wooshed by.  Here's what D can do at 10 months...

  • He is remote control obsessed.  This is no joke.  And he knows which one is THE remote to have.  If you try to trade him, you will pay.  The remote controls of value are hidden and high in order to avoid much Dawson sadness.
  • The sock removing continues!  He takes off the left one as a favorite, but when I go to get him out of the car he is often sock-less by the time we've reached out destination. (Shoe-less too if I I put those on!).
  • He has a few favorite things (shown in these photos) such as his light up giraffe (plays's his sleeping buddy), his soft blanky, his puppy, and this little book of Animal Sounds.  These are the things that make him happy, every time.
  • He is an awesome napper.  He goes down for two a day if possible (busy brothers activities make it tough sometimes).  His routine includes a few board books, a song from mom and then he is laid down and snuggled into his blanky as I push giraffe's tummy to play some soft tunes.  Ta-da!  Happy baby nap time.  

  • He waves us off if he's wanting us to leave him alone.  So funny.
  • When he crawls out of the kitchen/family room, he'll crawl a ways and then turn, look and wait for us to notice before he crawls quickly to the front room.  It's a game he loves and it cracks us up.
  •  He is really understanding us and interacting with us!  It's SO much fun.  With a 6 year gap since the last go 'round we've forgotten how much fun this baby stuff can be.  He's such a joy to have around, honestly.