Thursday, February 18, 2010

Baby B Turns One!

Ah, seriously? Has it been a whole year already? I cannot believe my baby is one. I have had mixed emotions about his birthday for a little while now. I'm excited because there are so many fun things coming up...walking, talking, all of it! But I'm a little sad, because he's not my little baby anymore.

My attempt at a banana shaped cake.

Our little family party(just the four of us...and my parents on webcam) was fun. We snagged some Curious George stuff at the party store and it didn't disappoint. Beckett loved all the monkey decor, and seemed to know the night was his. I am convinced however, that with a one year old it is ALL about cake and balloons. In fact, I think until they are around three, you could probably focus on that and be good to go...cake and balloons. Ta-da. Done.

Asher's cake approach at one was a semi-face plant in the side of the cake and to stay put until he'd had his fill. So funny. Beckett's approach was also very interesting. He ate straight through the center of the cake, literally. The edges of the cake were untouched until that was all that was left. And he wanted to eat it all, and would have no problem if we hadn't taken it away. The balloons were a hit too. He couldn't stop playing with them, and that huge George mylar one is still drifting around our house bringing smiles. I love one-year old birthdays! They are just the best.

Some fun facts about our Beck:
  • Although he is now squirming out of my arms, demanding and asserting his independence, he has been such a snuggle bug! It's been so nice to have a cuddly baby.
  • Baby Bucket, Booda-Booda, Beck, B-man, Beckett....all nicknames over the past year.
  • He is very passionate about his food. He knows what he wants and will scream at you until you get it right. And don't even think about trying to ignore him...the screaming is VERY persistent.
  • Again, a very passionate eater. Say for example I start putting some Cheerios on his tray...Beckett descends upon the food and starts putting into his mouth double fisted. It's madness. If he's really excited he does this sound that almost sounds like he's purring. Still need to get that on video!
  • He's always been pretty vocal. From the beginning. He's saying Mama, Da, and Do (dog). He is fascinated by Dion.
  • Until recently he was still waking up once a night, taking full advantage of my laziness. I finally put my foot down a few weeks before he turned one. It took 3 nights of some extremely persistent and furious screaming, but now we are all sleeping through the night. Hallelujah!(Except I'm still feeling a little guilty,... but only a little)
  • He love, love, loves his brother. Those two start laughing at each other and it's over...they seem to totally get one another. Do kids have inside jokes already? Oh boy.
  • He adores his glow worm. He sucks on his face, smiles and loves the music. So cute.
  • He said mama first:)
  • He has pretty much caught up! After being nearly 2 months premature, I am happy, and relieved to say he's doing great. Bringing him home on Oxygen was a real bummer, and we had so many worries in the beginning. What a trooper. What a brave little boy. We feel so blessed that everything has gone well. Our Beckett is sure a sweetie, and is adding even more of that happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, roudy energy we are used too. He was definitely sent to the right place, and we love him so, so much.

Happy Birthday Beckett! We sure love you B!!