Sunday, October 31, 2010

September Stuff

Whoops! I let more than a month go by and didn't blog a thing. We did a few fun things last month though that I didn't want to let slip by, goes!

Over Labor Day weekend, Corey was pushing for a weekend out of town, and I was hardly fighting him on it. We booked a last minute house rental in Taos, which is a beautiful 3-ish hour drive through Santa Fe and into the mountains. We'd only been there once before, about 4 years ago, sans kids, so we knew this time would be a little different type of experience than last time. We also invited Aaron and Meagan to join us, and they did for a day or two, making it even more fun. The house ended up being practically on the plaza, so we walked everywhere! We ate great food, played at the park, watched movies, shopped, played games and relaxed. I think our favorite find was an unassuming toy shop on the Plaza that was hiding a kid's wonderland behind it. You walk through the store and...ta-da....out back was this amazing area for kids to play and parents to hang out. So cool. Asher and Emery were such little buddies. They held hands and played so well together. It was a great weekend...I think we need some more of those!

My birthday was the day after we came home, but we celebrated on the following weekend. Ah....another year. The boys made me a cake(per my request!)...a Boston Cream Cake. Yum. I might have helped, but only a little! The boys made my day special! Our super generous friends, the Williamsons insisted on taking our boys for my b-day, so Corey and I went out. Wasn't that nice? I thought so.

The boys have been playing outside a lot since we put in a sandbox, plus our fantastic fall weather is a huge boon. They are constantly wanting to play baseball, basketball and soccer...even little Beck. He just asks to "hit", meaning lets play some baseball. I am quickly learning all that it means to be a mommy of little boys. Loudness, dirt, sand, more dirt, sports, cars and trains. At least that's what it entails so far at our house. I find actual piles of sand in places where they sat down or took off their shoes. Thanks goodness for vacuum cleaners.
At least they're having fun:)

Mmm. Sand.

Asher also started soccer this fall. His first game, he actually walked off the field and said he was tired and wanted to sit down and have a snack. Um, I don't think so! He made it through that first game, and has done much better since. He has scored goals for his team, and even a couple for the opposing teams. Way to go Ash! He loves it and looks so cute in his uniform. I think I was born to cheer on my boys. He asks Corey and I to practice with him often, and even sets up the cones in the backyard so we can dribble around them and do our own mini games to sharpen up his(and our) skills. You can't say he's not dedicated.

September was fun and beautiful, and we'll post all our awesome October happenings soon!

P.S. The boys have started their own 'garage' band. Only they play in the front room instead of the garage. They practice several times a week. These are some very LOUD jam sessions. And Asher makes up his own lyrics. I'm a big fan(unless I have a headache that day).