Monday, March 19, 2012

Breakin' for Spring

Breakin' for Spring...that kind of explains our little trip in a nutshell. We headed to Ruidoso, NM, a little mountain town a few hours away. It was cute, quaint and tree-sy, something we are usually starving for in our desert home. We were happy just to get away for a break. It's so strange being tied to the school calendar now, and the freedom of years past is now gone forever....but, it made the break from school a fun thing for me to look forward to.

We weren't sure what weather to plan for in Ruidoso, even after checking the forecast, so we brought a little of everything. Swimsuits to snowsuits. We used them all! There was a tubing hill just five minutes out of town, and they made the usually laborious tubing a treat. A human conveyer belt propelled us to the top and ta-da(!) down we went. Beck didn't like the 'bump one' that sent us all airborne in a giant tube, but the rest went off without a complaint. I hate to sound lazy, but being taken to the top of the hill is for sure the best way ever to sled. I'm converted.

The sign says 'Warning, Dangerous Wildlife Beyond this Point.....apparently:)

We had some good BBQ, checked out Inn of the Mountain Gods, put in some good time at the Mini Golf course and Go-Cart track, and swam in the pool(and our huge jetted tub...ahhhh).

(Deer right in this front yard! They weren't even afraid of us.)

Spring is coming soon, yay! Can't wait, this wind is already wearing on my nerves.