Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Asher!

Asher's birthday falls only a few days after Christmas, so we celebrated with the fam in Georgia. I figured this event deserved its own blog entry, especially since kids with almost Christmas birthdays often have a complex due to the non-separation of the two events. We can't have that, not even on the blog!

Corey and I have decided that kids birthday parties are the best. All the fun things you can buy to just pick a theme and voila! This year Asher turned 2, and he has taken to Elmo a little more lately. Actually he calls him "Melmo", which must not be too uncommon because his cousin Austin called him the same thing. So, this year it was a Melmo Party!

Everyone humored us and wore their party hats, sang and ate cake. I think Asher enjoyed his special day, and I KNOW he enjoyed his little chocolate cake. We gave him a TMX Elmo (the souped-up version of the old Tickle-Me-Elmo), and he thought it was pretty fun, but....the adults were even more impressed with the moves this guy was pulling off!

Balloons and chocolate cake. Mmmm.

Looks like he's going to blow it out, right? This was taken right before he extinguished the flame with his bare hands...much to his surprise, the fire was hot!

Check out these party animals!

And now for a performance from our party sponsor:

I can't believe my little guy is 2 years old already! The time really does seem to fly by. Happy Birthday Asher, we love you so much!