Friday, December 19, 2014

The Book of Mormon

Today, as I sat on the couch, taking it easy for the sake of my unborn baby, I had the opportunity to finish up the Book of Mormon again.  I have read it before and felt a conviction of it's truth for myself, but I was impressed to do the same again.  As I finished it, I took the time to pray, and to ask for a confirmation of its' truth.  Without fail, that deep burning feeling took a place in my chest, and I once again feel a renewal of faith in what is true.  This book, the Book of Mormon is true!  I cannot deny the wonderful feeling that resides in me right now.  I have had this confirmation before, but a reminder of it is needed, more often than I look for it, and I know that I need to treasure it and share it when I have the chance. The Book of Mormon is true, I feel it and I know it.  And if it is true, then the church which I call myself a member of is also true as it is the 'cornerstone' and rock of the religion itself.  I want my children to know of my testimony of it's truth and I want them to have a knowledge of it for themselves also, so they can feel the Holy Ghost warm their hearts and minds as well.  I know that the difficulties, sorrows and trial of our lives can be soothed and helped by this book as I have used it for such in my own life.  Answers are held within just waiting to be sought.  I write these words in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am excited because our little family has just started reading the Book of Mormon together again.  We did it once before, but it's been a couple of years (we have been reading the New Testament), and my boys are both old enough now that we can talk about some of the truths in more depth, which is exciting.  I am hoping that they can begin to appreciate the book not just for the amazing, triumphant, sad and mournful, exciting and miraculous stories it tells (and they already love hearing about), but for the spirit that can be felt as the words are read.  What a blessing to have it as a part of our daily routine!  I sure do love this family of mine and I hope we can all grow closer as we read the Book together this next year.   

Monday, December 15, 2014

Cub Scouter

Another big first for Asher this year was Cub Scouts!  He was so excited to get to be a part of the Wolf Den and to start earning badges, belt loops and awards.  It's all a little new to me (besides a brief stint I had as a Webelos Den leader when Ash was a baby) but I've learned fast, and Corey is remembering it all from his own scouting days. He especially loves Pack meetings once a month where they get all the awards and sometimes do parties, banquets, etc.  And those cheers!  Well, I admit that sometimes they scare me a little, but the boys love love them. Beckett is also a huge fan of Pack meetings and the leaders are always so good to let siblings participate in all the fun and games. Asher worked on his Wolf badge a little every day in the summer and knocked it out quick, earning it months before he had to.  Aside from the Pinewood Derby, which deserved a separate post, here are a few pics from Asher's year as a Wolf...he's soon to be a Bear!  What a cute little boy in his snazzy blue uniform.

First pack meeting, receiving his Trail to Bobcat award.  He was SO excited to earn this.

Blue and Gold Banquet, the Father and Son Cake Contest.  It was a knight theme!  Their cake turned out awesome.  I might have helped a little, especially with the chocolate knight and dragon;)

Beckett, also at the Blue and Gold, trying on some chain mail and armor.

At a Mom and Me Party, eating a cupcake he decorated.

Earning his Wolf Award and some Arrows! Proud moment.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Minding the Bump

Woo-hoo!!  Thirty weeks today is a huge milestone.  This pregnancy has been such a surreal experience for me. It's been nearly 6 years since I've done this, so in many ways it seems like the first time all over again.  While there have been some things that have jogged my pregnancy memory, a few experiences have been all new to me.  Usually by 22 weeks I'm under strict house arrest due to having so many problems while being pregnant.  This go round the Dr's are still check on things regularly, but oddly, bed rest isn't readily recommended like it used to be.  And so, while I am taking it pretty easy throughout the day for fear of gravity doing it's thing, I am still able to be fairly normal, which is so strange!  Nice, but strange.

Things I'm remembering as I go:

  • Smells.  Everything is smelly times ten.  Seriously.  For example, I had a lip balm that I had previously loved, but during the first trimester I started thinking it smelled just a nasty bathroom or something.  I had Corey smell it.  He thought I was a little crazy.  Into the trash it went.

  • Food.  Food is such a funny thing when you're pregnant.  During the first trimester, when I was feeling bleh I ate totally random things...anything that sounded good since the second after I ate it I felt gross again anyway.  Hungry to yuck, then back again.  Lovely little cycle.  Thankfully after 14 weeks I'm good again, so it's not to big a deal.  Random things I was eating during the early weeks:  Microwaved tater tots smashed up with ketchup on top, egg McMuffins minus the meat, and anything salty except for dill pickles which I usually love.

  • Baby kicks.  I love feeling my little guy move!  It's like he's doing yoga, running on a treadmill and doing kickboxing all at the same time.  You really do forget what it's like to have an itty bitty human bopping around in your belly.  It's amazing.  My boys, and Corey have had fun feeling kicks, watching my stomach jump and even feeling the baby's hiccups! Ash and Beck love to sit with their hands resting on my stomach trying to feel anything at all.  "Mom?  Is the baby kicking right now?" are words I hear any day, any time.  They love it. 

  • Leg Cramps.  Ew. I'd forgotton about these until one morning when I stretched out my legs and WHAM!  Your leg painfully seizing up once is enough to get it all coming back.  Now I'm careful to flex my feet before getting out of bed.

  • The changes in my body.  Holy smokes.  Things are getting bigger over here... I mean everything.  I'd forgotten how dramatic it can be to watch it all change!  We have been taking some pics this time to document it all better...Corey thought it would be fun, and I'm sure I'll enjoy seeing them later on:) I have to step back and stare at the craziness that has become my stomach sometimes after slathering my belly into a greasy oblivion (thank you belly butter).  And I know too well it will only get bigger!

  • A super sweet hubby.  Corey has been a gem through this whole thing. I know it stresses him out and that he worries after all we've been through, but he's been a rock through it all.  A sweet and understanding rock.  He's also nice enough to go all the way downstairs when we are sitting in bed and I'm thirsty or hungry to grab me a drink and a snack.  What a sweetie.  Love him so much!  We are both in awe that this is happening.

  • Buying baby stuff.  Yep, after getting rid of most of our baby things (prompted by last year's almost move and Corey wanting to clear some space in the garage), we now need to re-purchase all the clothing and gear.  Kind of a bummer, but kind of fun too.  Things are a lot cooler now than they were the first time around!  It's all very Groundhog Day researching car seats, strollers, etc...even though it was nearly 9 years ago (didn't need as much with boy #2 close enough behind).  I always wait to buy things until I'm further along, but just last week the boxes started coming in and I'm getting excited!

Things that are new:

  • Headaches.  I know a lot of people have issues with these while pregnant but I never had before.  I'm not a fan, and they do seem to be easing up lately thank goodness.

  • Going out and grocery shopping, etc with a bump.  I've had a few funny run-ins with people I know but not well, and when I was around 20 or so weeks, people started doing this thing where they glance from my face to my stomach, repeatedly, while trying to carry on a conversation.  It's hilarious, and I wonder if they even know they are doing it!  One person obviously didn't want to straight up ask me if I was pregnant (big no-no, ha ha), so kept asking what was new.  I finally told her, but her eyes going back and forth made it completely obvious that all she wanted to know was what was up with my burgeoning belly.  Too funny.

  • Lower back pain.  What in the world.  It must be that pregnancy sciatica I hear about.  Little pains where my hip/back/leg meet up on the right side.  It goes a way after a few minutes, but when I get out of bed I feel like I need to be really careful not to fall down!

  • Belly button watchers.  My boys are completely fascinated with the change happening with my belly button...I mean in awe.  They often ask to see it, just in case it has finally disappeared.  For the record, I still have a tiny bit to go until it flattens out, phew!

  • Beckett becoming a nurses assistant.  Once a week a nurse comes by to give me a 17P shot (Progesterone) to help things along a bit.  He just loves to watch, pump the blood pressure cuff for her, and hand her the 2x2's when it's over.  The needles don't bother him I guess (Corey would be leaving the room for sure).

  • Saying really stupid things.  I've read recently that it is an actual thing that you lose brain cells while pregnant.  I'm counting on it, because otherwise I am really losing it.  Lately I do things accidentally, say things that aren't quite right and forget simple things or names I really should know.  It's awful.  I'm sure this happened before, but it is so much more obvious to me this time that it seems new.  A few weeks back Ash wanted to know what a mortuary was...I told him it was where they sell coffins.  What?  That didn't sound right.  Corey looked at me and said, "Yeah, if you're a vampire."  Oy.  The right word was caskets, but I couldn't for the life of me come up with it.  I had the right letter though...bonus points?  There have been many other examples to share, but of course I can't remember them.  Pregnancy brain, ack! 

We are all getting excited for our new little buddy to come in the not so distant anymore future!