Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cabin Fun

Some very generous friends of ours invited us to their cabin for the weekend!(Thanks Danny and Shannon) This venture was all about the snow, and there were feet of it waiting for us when we arrived. We are so moisture-deprived(depending on how you look at it...but I do miss the snow!), that it seemed a world away from Albuquerque.

This is Asher, post snowball induced facial injury. Corey launched a snowball into the fort and it's icy shards exploded onto his nose...OUCH! He was back pretty quick though...way to go tough guy! I think the Angry Birds band-aid probably helped.

We ate yummy food, talked until late, sledded(at times, behind Indy...their dog!), built a GIGANTIC snow fort, checked out the cute but stinky town of Pagosa Springs, and overall had an enjoyable time. The break from cell phones, computers, and cable tv was a refreshingly welcome break. We were chased out of there by a wicked snowstorm, but luckily made it home safe. Fun times!