Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sporty Boys

Ooooooh. Do these boys ever love sports.  Which is why it is so darn fun to cheer them on.  Asher played soccer again, and is really beginning to sharpen his skills.  It's a little busy in the spring since it overlaps the little league season, but we manage and he loves it all. He scores goals at his soccer games almost every week, and is learning the ropes of catching and hitting off of a pitching machine in baseball.  He's had a few very good games, actually!  I am amazed that the two of us can actually play catch together, which we have started doing while watching some of Beck's games recently.  When we aren't playing catch, Asher is hands down his brother's biggest fan.  Ash jumps around, cheering on Beck with everything he has.  Also, this boy is one who pays attention to rules, and what's going on.  He knows his stuff, and for his age I find it amazing.  He totally cracks us up when he's outside running around playing ball, and playing announcer at the same time (with his NY accent, no less).  He actually corrected Corey at dinner the other night while talking about basketball...did you know that in NCAA basketball there are 35 seconds on the shot clock instead of the 24 seconds that are on the NBA one?  Asher knew.  I even looked it up to check. Holy sports fan.


Beck is playing T-ball this year and also loving it! He's happy to finally be out on the field doing his thing instead of on the sidelines trying to be a good boy sitting by mom.  Beckett is all business out there, and has his own little routine when at bat, including a few taps on the plate with the bat and a nice, dramatic switch into batting position. He is also quite good at defensive t-ball, and loves to get kids out on base, except that it's t-ball so nobody gets out, ever:)  He is just so happy to be getting his own snacks (his favorite part) at games and excited that he can now start his own trophy collection (he keeps asking when he's getting one), like his big bro.  Corey is his coach this year, which is so nice, but probably not always so nice for Corey.  Beck gives him a run for his money some days, but what else would you expect from the coach's son? Sigh.

Go Reitz boys!!  Aren't they so cute in their uniforms? :)