Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Crazy Kid Stuff

Okay, not much to blog about lately, but with an 18-month old around I was sure to have something to write about sooner or later.

Last week Asher just about gave me a heart attack. I was trying to put his car seat back into the car, so I sat him in the front passenger seat so he would be close by but not in the way, you know? He had a great time pushing all the buttons and sitting in the big seat. Once I finished I shut the back door, then went to open the front door. As you probably guessed, it was LOCKED. I totally panicked, first - because it was hot, and second - because I honestly could not remember if/where a spare key was to get him out of there. Asher saw the shocked and horrified look on my face and started
laughing! All I could do was to tell him to push the buttons (something we are usually asking him not to do), which he gladly did, only he kept pushing the lock button. We tried again, and finally he pushed the right one, and I opened that door as fast as I could. Guess I better find a spare for the next time, eh?

Okay, my next story is one that I am sure mothers everywhere have experienced, but this was my first time. (Warning: this is a little gross, proceed at your own risk) Last night it was bath time as usual, and Asher was splashing around, playing with the toys. I was thinking it was time to get him out, but let him stay in a couple more minutes...he was having a good time. I was absent-mindedly sitting on the edge of the tub when I saw an UFO(unidentified FLOATING object). That's right, a little piece of poop was floating in the water, and before I knew it, there was more. Yuck. He didn't seem to have any problem with it, and to be honest, I think he found it a welcome change from those restrictive diapers. Yuck, yuck. I plucked him from the 'sewer water' aka bath and took care of business. Reality tells me that this won't be my last encounter with a UFO. Ah, so many exciting moments to look forward to as a parent.

Besides those two occurrences life has been mellow. We are watching the hummingbirds outside our door, swimming, playing at the park and (mom's summer relief) even shopping a little. We are getting ready for our family trip to Hawaii...3 weeks to go! Thanks to lots of great suggestions from friends I think we will be ready for the 5-ish hour flight with Asher out of LA with lots of surprise goodies and videos. Here are a few random pictures taken in the last few weeks, and I am sorry to report that (for obvious reasons) there are no pictures of the aforementioned stories.

Asher and a little cutie playing at the sprayground.
He isn't afraid of all the water this time!

Asher and his uncle Adam...what a sucker, he let
him play with his phone. (You know he throws things, right Adam?)

Dallin was over the other day...look at these little men! Funny
how similar they can still be with such an age difference!

Some of our favorite summertime visitors.

P.S. Today is my amazing mother's birthday. She is seriously the most incredible woman I know. She is so generous and loving to all in our family, and really to all she knows. Asher sure does love his grandma too and loved the fun times they had together when she was visiting. We all have so much fun when she's around, and our biggest loss is living so far away. I guess it makes those times we spend together mean that much more! Happy Birthday, Mommy, we all love you so much! (Yep, all of us kids still call our parents 'mommy' and 'daddy'...we used to be a little embarrased because of it , but now we don't care anymore!)

Friday, July 6, 2007

4th of July, Family Fun

A day off in the middle of the week with the family is certainly a treat. We enjoyed our 4th of July here in Albuquerque, and it was a hot one! We started the day off at the ward breakfast at the park. We had some great burritos and Asher had a great time letting us chase him all over. Corey had to buy some fireworks (is it some unwritten rule of the male species that to play with fire= masculinity??), but sadly, the wind was CRAZY, so we still have a bunch to play with this weekend. We did decide to keep Asher up late so we could watch some bigger fireworks, so we drove to a good vantage point and watched the show. Asher thought everything except the fireworks were interesting, so I guess we have a couple years until he changes his mind. Ah, kids.

I think Independence Day is wonderful, especially at this time when we have so many fighting for the freedoms all of us want to maintain. So many have and will continue to sacrifice for the opportunities we love and take advantage of. What a great heritage and what a wonderful country we live in. God Bless America!!

Asher decided his Alligator (from G-pa Reitz)
makes a great pillow, poor little fella!