Tuesday, November 3, 2009

All that is Fall

I love fall. Love, love, love it! This year, though, it seems to have come and gone and I was barely keeping up. We usually buy pumpkins the first week of October, and this year it was the week of! I didn't come up with any costumes for me and Corey, although I did have a great idea...wild animal trainers, since our kids were animals...hats, lassos, khaki, etc, ..(too bad ideas don't count!). Didn't happen. We had fun picking out pumpkins. Asher loved every one he picked up so picking one was a process and we just grabbed the first one he'd chosen. Plus he could not stop running all over, around and through the whole "patch", until we told him he could hold onto Beckett for some pictures. He'll always stop for a chance to hold his little bro.

This past week reminded me of all the Halloweens of my youth....COLD. It made me think of all those years I had to put a coat over my costume to go trick-or-treating and how much I hated it. We had a little snow storm come through a few days ago, and Asher was begging me to go outside. He said he wanted the snow "on him." I could hardly deny him this wish, since these chances to play in any kind of snow are brief and few. He came in muddy, wet and happy, even though it was nearly all melted by the time he came in. I think he ate snow off of almost every surface in the yard. By the time he came in he was caked in mud from the waist down, and I had a small vase filled with roses from the yard that Asher kept bringing in to me ("for you" he'd say), all of which had no stems attached...his own personal trademark.

We carved up our pumpkins...I did a Blue's Clues one and Corey carved up an owl. We had Ash color one again...maybe next year we'll help him carve one. We also did the baby-in-a-pumpkin thing again. We did it with Ash on his 1st Halloween too, but I have to say that Beckett was a better sport, even though both times it ended in crying. I'm so mean. The pictures just turned out ok, I really wanted to take him outside, but it was cold, and Corey was making me feel guilty for doing it at all, so inside we stayed. I'm still glad we did it though.

Halloween was a fun night. Aaron, Meagan and Emery came over for some chili and cornbread. Asher really got into the trick-or-treating this year. We went to our Ward's trunk-or-treat the night before, so he'd gotten a little practice. I stayed at home to hand out candy and put Beckett to bed while Corey and Aaron went up and down our street with Ash. When people opened the door he yelled, "it's me!" and then added an obligatory "trick-or-treat." Next year I am going too. I'm tired of missing all the funny things that happen while I'm handing out candy to everyone else's kids. Next year our house will not be giving out candy for approximately 30 minutes. I can't wait! As far as costumes this year, Asher was an elephant, and Beckett was a monkey. They both looked so cute! I guess I have a thing for dressing my kids as animals. I can hardly resist their adorable little faces peeking out at me through a huge furry hood. I figure they have years ahead of them to be being skeletons, pirates, superheroes, etc., so I'm taking full advantage of their cuteness and using my mommy-persuasion to dress them as animals. Asher insisted on being Thomas the Tank Engine again this year until I slipped the elephant costume on him on the store, and he changed his mind. Phew!

I now have too much candy sitting in the pantry, a little boy who wants to go trick-or-treating again tomorrow, and some already delapidated carved pumpkins on the porch. Can't wait to do it all again next year!