Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sweet Words and Stitches

This has been a funny day.  Well, funny and not so funny.  This afternoon I was cutting Beckett's fingernails (a chore that should probably be done more often than it is), when we got to talking about "someday when he had kids."  I was interested in what he would come up with, so I asked him how many kids he would have.

He said, "Two is enough, or one is enough.  Three isn't enough."

"Oh", I said. "Why isn't three a good number?"

"Because then I'd have to make three bowls of oatmeal!" he said thoughtfully.

We eat oatmeal for breakfast nearly every day. I told him he didn't have to make oatmeal every day and that he could make something else like waffles or pancakes.  His next reply was priceless.

"If I had a girl, I'd make her a heart pancake."  :)

I just gave him a big hug.  Sweet boy.

(Jump to later that night)

We went to Freddy's Frozen Custard for a belated Family Night treat.  When we pulled into the driveway, his little friend Kayla from church was at our house to deliver her birthday invitation to Beck.  He excitedly ran up to the porch while we were talking to her dad when we heard Beck start to cry.  Honestly, I figured he'd just fallen down, as he often does, and was just really tired and overreacting, but as I approached him and turned him around I saw otherwise.  Blood was running from his head down his face.  He cried that a brick hit him, although it was really the other way around. Poor boy! We took him into the house, and I had Corey call the pediatrician while I tried to assess the real damage.  It wasn't pretty and it was bleeding badly, as all head wounds do (as I know well since Beck's had a couple prior to this).  I was pretty sure it needed some stitches, so off we went.  He was ranting and crying about not wanting to go to the dr. On the way there, I told him he could play games on my phone, which calmed him down almost instantly.  We were taken back quickly and he did indeed need stitches, but only 2.  He happily played on my phone the whole time, even while they fixed him up, shots, stitches and all, which actually turned out to be a great distraction.  He did great and felt pretty proud of himself when it was all over. He's even excited that his stitches are blue, his fave color.  On the way out he ran (oh, no more running!) and grabbed a well earned sticker, then brought the basket over to me and wanted me to pick one too, which I thanked him for but declined.  Ah, sweet boy.  Although, maybe I should've taken one since I surely earned one as well.  I'm not usually one to cringe at blood, but when it's my own kiddo, things are definitely a little rougher to watch.  He came in the door, very proud of his bright orange bandaid across his forehead, and we assured a worried Asher and Daddy that all was now well. We made it through the night, and are hoping that we don't need to do this again any time soon.  Phew. What a day of ups and downs;)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Baptism Day for Ash

This weekend was simply wonderful.  My Asher turned eight years old at the end of last month, and has been looking forward to getting baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for a long time.  This Saturday was the BIG day!!  We had invited both family and friends and Asher felt very loved and supported with everyone there with him.  Corey's parents came into town, as well as my parents and sister Kayla with her family.

On Saturday, the boys woke up to a much anticipated morning with cousins!  My family arrived late the night before and the first words out of Beck's mouth were, "I just can't wait to see my cousins!"  That was in response to my asking him to give them a few more minutes to sleep before they bombarded them.  Asher adored all the fun buddies in the house too, especially his little cousin Taizley.  He just looooves babies. (I heard a couple commenst about needing one of our own!)We picked up a few last minute things, and readied ourselves for the baptism.  We arrived just in time, and now know that with the next one, we'll be a little extra early so there aren't any worries!  It all worked out though, and the baptism went perfect.  Asher was so happy, and was all smiles standing in the font with Corey.  His eyes were closed for most of the words, but right at the end he opened them up and grinned at all of his friends and little ones watching at the font's edge.  So sweet.  His confirmation was beautiful as well.  I realized half way through that I should have asked someone to write some of it down!  Darn.  The people in the circle were Corey (of course!), my dad, Corey's dad, Bishop Wolfley, Aaron, and Jake.  As a mother, I was surprised at how emotional the day was for me.  I was overcome with so many different emotions, but the amazing warmth of the Holy Ghost was prominent throughout the ordinances and I truly appreciated the comfort and joy I felt.  What a blessing to have a family here on earth and to have children choosing the right and continuing on their journey on the right path.  Corey and I both felt so happy and blessed.

Afterwards, we had all of our family over to celebrate and ate too much, talked a lot, and enjoyed the afternoon. He opened up some gifts and cards, and his brand new awesome scriptures.  All the cousins played their hearts out while the adults munched and talked...oh, and Grandpa Pettit took Asher to Blake's (it's fast becoming a tradition) to get milkshakes for all the kiddos. A mandatory visit to Dion's pizza topped it all off later that night.  Honestly, we were all too full still, but somehow found it in our hearts (and stomachs) to eat some more.

We had an impromptu quick trip up to Santa Fe to explore, complete with lots of shoulder rides, walking, and outright all-boy silliness.  Jake had never been to NM before and it's been a while for Kayla too, I think, so Santa Fe was a great way to show all the culture we have here.  We walked around the plaza, checked out the St. Francis Cathedral and the 'Oldest Church in America', and were even able to walk around the Roundhouse (our Capitol building).  Believe it or not, the kids even enjoyed it;).

The weekend was filled with food, fun, and time well spent with loved ones.  Both of my boys loved spending all the time with cousins.  I think Asher wants us to adopt Taizley, and Beckett gave Kayla's boys parting gifts in the form of his prized polished rocks;)  We could not have asked for more.  What a wonderful way to celebrate such a special day. We were so touched by all the thoughtful gifts and well wishes he received.