Thursday, July 23, 2015

5 Months

Five whole months since this buddy was born.  Here are Dawson's faves at five:

He's a kangaroo stuck in the body of a human.  Seriously, this kid loves to jump.  If we hold him to standing on our laps (which he prefers), he jumps.  And he doesn't stop.  We stop.  Because our arms are tired.  He smiles and looks around, and jumps, jumps, jumps.

He loves the Jumperoo.  After a few weeks of jumping our arms off, we remembered that we still have a Jumperoo.  We took it out and stuck him in the seat.  He couldn't believe his luck!  Then he couldn't stop jumping.  He jumped himself to sleep that first time in.  And a few times after that.  He'd get tired, and whine just a little and when I bent down to get him you could just see that he had exhausted himself, but he wouldn't stop jumping.  It was as if he didn't think he could.  Must. Keep. Jumping.  Poor little buddy!

Best kisses.  Oh, yes.  Dawson gives the best, wettest, most slobbery kisses in town and I love every wet one of them.  All you have to do is ask.  I say, "Kisses for Mommy?"

He's a roller.  His rolling skills are getting better all the time and we've realized lately that he can roll across the floor...far from his play mat.  He's really wanting to move.

He likes a little time to himself.  When he wakes up, particularly in the morning, he babbles for a bit, and sort of hides.  It's like he doesn't want to get up yet and is just greeting the day.  I think he figures he can see us, but we can't see him.  That sweet baby talk never gets old.

Loves books.  I try to read to him before naps throughout the day, and his little legs kick in my lap when I start reading to him.  He looks at, grasps, and really seems to enjoy books and being read to.  It's fun to get out some of the children's books I haven't seen in a while.

Little Man couldn't keep his hands off of his 5 month sticker.  No could not.  He wanted that thing off and gone, or maybe he just loved the feel of it or the sound it was making.  Any way you spin it, it was his favorite play thing that afternoon!