Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa's a coming...

It is feeling like Christmastime! This is all thanks to a decorated tree, Christmas cards in the mail, a Spiced Wassail candle, some Christmas tunes, a daily advent calendar (Asher lives to open the little boxes), broken Christmas canes found in random places, and a trip to the mall to visit Santa. I am so glad it seems like Christmastime. There have been years when the holiday gets here, and I feel like I missed the whole month and with it the feeling that this season evokes. The magic, the giving, the fun! I hate it when I miss it, so I am trying to really embrace it. Kids make Christmas what it is, in every way. I am convinced of that. And my two little guys are having some fun.

I took some pictures yesterday of the two of them near the tree, and it was just funny. I was trying to get a perfect picture, which seemed (and was) unlikely. Except that the imperfect ones are my favorites, so that's okay by me!

We also made a trip to the mall to visit Santa. Asher insisted that Beckett go first, which at first came across as a sweet and generous gesture of brotherly love, until we realized he was petrified of Mr. Clause. Corey sat him on Santa's knee, and had to pry him off his coat. We were dangerously close to a picture of Asher with Santa, crying his head off, at nearly 4 years old! As it is, the picture we did bring home was pretty close to what was really going on. I don't think Asher said even one word to the Big Man, he just couldn't wait to get out of there. Beckett thought Santa was mesmerizing. He just stared and stared. Blame it on the bright white beard, I say...who grows a beard these days? Santa does look pretty cool.

Christmas is a coming!

P.S. And, yes, Beckett's skin is looking a litte orange. Too much squash? I swear it's not a tan!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving in Globe

Sunset in Globe.

Globe, Arizona that is. For any who've either never been or heard of this town, it is simply a tiny mining town a bit over an hour outside of Pheonix. We went to visit Corey's parents for the Thanksgiving holiday. It was only the second roadtrip we've taken with the boys and they did surprisingly well. Thanks to a lot of naps by Beckett (okay, he did scream a little) and hours of DVD's for Asher, all was pleasant. I sometimes wonder what in the world families did before movies in the car. Scary!
Thanksgiving day was nice, and the food was delish! We drove to "the valley" a couple of times and put in some shopping time and way too much eating time. Corey went to High School in Gilbert, AZ, so he had a few things he wanted to do/eat while he was there (Mesa Temple Christmas lights, and Nielson's Frozen Custard, mmm). Pheonix was a sizzling 81 degrees the day after Thanksgiving!! And we hit snow on the drive home, go figure.

Asher's favorite pastime over the weekend...playing with the gates.

Taking an after dinner walk on Thanksgiving.

One of the days, we went to Freestone Park, which is a huge park with some kids rides and mini manmade lakes. Asher had a fantastic time riding the little train and carousel, and before we left he worked up enough courage to brave the little ferris wheel. It was a proud moment, I must say. Beckett spent the majority of the weekend wanting his mom to hold him, and drag-crawling himself around. He is loving his new freedom and boy is he fast.

Since we've been home, we caught up and put up our Christmas tree! Asher is really excited about everything this fun! Less than 24 hours after we put out all the Christmas decor, Asher had broken two ornaments, and flattened a decorative sled (he sat on it...whoops).
I cannot believe December is actually here and that Christmas is coming so quick. I'm hoping to have all my shopping done by this weekend, so we can all really enjoy the rest of it all. Woooeeee! Time sure flies!

P.S. Couldn't resist posting this. This picture is from a recent visit to the zoo...we now have an adorable baby elephant!