Sunday, October 21, 2012

October's Happenings

This month flew by, and as I looked back through some of the photos, I started to see why. We were busy, but we were also having lots of fun.  
The past few years, I've decorated the outside of our house with webs, spiders and other Halloween stuff, and the boys love to help.  Here they are 'spooki-fying' our house this year.  They LOVE putting out decorations for different holidays, but I think Halloween is almost their favorite.

This particular photo was snapped right after we came home from church (hence the churchy shirts).  The words that came to mind when I saw this scene was "Sell! Sell! Sell!"  They looked like a couple of Wall Street crazies, but it was oh-so-cute. Oh, and check out their computers:)

Beck has been going to his Tumble Tots class for the past few months(and some of last year), and it's a favorite every week.  He is so proud of his feats, and calls it his 'school'.

Soccer has been a mainstay of our weekends for the past few months.  Asher really enjoys being out there kicking the ball around, and is learning some good skills so far.  He's just finished up, but the Spring season will be here before we know it.  The other thing Asher is spending more time doing is reading, which makes me so excited.  It's kind of like magic when you kids start to's as if there's a whole world they didn't even know about all around them and they just discovered it.  Very cool.  And his teacher at school was reading some 'Ready Freddy' books to the class, so it's really sparked his interest even more because he loves these books.  I'm so proud of my little reader!

And so, the month has been busy...and Halloween isn't even here yet!  We did find some time to make Halloween cookies though.