Thursday, January 29, 2015


This has been a pregnancy of milestones for both myself and our family.  We've been able to enjoy this whole experience.  It's been what I would call 'nearly normal', which I never dreamed possible for us.  

For one, we spent the first half of the pregnancy waiting for the time looming in the near when I would inevitably go on bed rest.  We planned for it, thought about it, dreaded it, talked about it and it never came.  In the 6 years since my last pregnancy, the OB world decided that bed rest does more harm than good in most cases, so it's no longer the recommended route, even for people like me (which they don't necessarily test in the research, but still...).  After delivering two little ones who came far too soon, and then two pregnancies with bed rest and babies that still came sooner than they should have, I have doubted the soundness of this advice.  And yet, as things have progressed, with success I might add, I have felt more and more comfortable having a near normal life this go around.  Crazy!  I take my boys to school, do light cleaning (don't look too close), shop for groceries, do laundry, and cooked dinner.  I could do NONE of these things with my prior life revolved around going to Doctor's appointments and...well, that's about it.  Every sacrifice has always been worth it, hands down.  When I think back on the times we thought we'd never have any children at all, the things we've done to get our little ones here are worth it, every time. And we were ready to do it again.
Secondly, pictures!  Corey thought it'd be fun to take some of those gradual pics of the pregnancy, you know, to look back on later.  So, every week to few weeks, we took some of me, and one day I'll look back and say, "Whoa! That's crazy!", which is what I say every day now as I look at that burgeoning belly of mine.  It's truly a fascinating transformation. Why did we never do this before?

Third, a baby shower before the baby is born.  Preposterous, I know.  To everyone else this is totally 'normal', but I'm always under house arrest and to be honest, I felt a little superstitious about it, which is ridiculous.  But, when some of my kind and generous friends offered to have one last Friday (on my 36 week marker!), I reluctantly accepted, thinking in the back of my mind that it'd likely never happen that day because there was just no way I'd make it that far.  And yet, I did!  It was an amazing baby shower.  I always feel so awkward when there's a party for me, even when it's a baby shower, but this was really so nice and fun.  I felt ridiculously loved and supported and it was just so, so nice.  I am blessed beyond measure to have so many amazing people in my life.  I am so thankful and touched by the generosity of so many people!

 Fourth, being 9 months pregnant.  What?!  How cool is that?  I am thrilled to have gotten to this point, a time I never thought I'd see.  Corey and I both figured that things could only get worse, since that seemed to be the pattern. But no, miracles happen and this is one of them in my life.  We didn't think we'd have the chance at 3 in this life, and when we suddenly did, which also seems miraculous, we were so used to expectations of stress, constant worrying, and trying to deal with the reality of a very early delivery with lots of issues that the thought of something halfway normal never even entered our minds.  What a surprise this has been.  The best kind of surprise.  The kind that reminds you of tender mercies of the Lord, and miracles and faith and hope.  This blessing is not lost on us and I am overcome with emotion just thinking about it.

And so, on this, the eve of 37 weeks , I am thankful.  Just so thankful for this experience, for this baby, for this life.  I see my belly in the mirror and stare in awe at the miracle that is hiding just inside.  The tight, round, stretched beyond possible skin is unbelievable and beautiful, and I can't help but stare in amazement at the wonder of life and how we somehow get the chance to see and experience this blessing.  While I am a little leery of the immediate next step (labor, delivery, oy), I am ecstatic, as are his Daddy and brothers, to meet this little boy who we must have really needed to be in our crazy family, because this whole journey has been a gift.
 36 weeks!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


March 26, 2014: Dinner conversation with Beckett tonight..."Mom, I think we're going to die the same way the dinosaurs did.  By an ASTRO-NOID!"  Good to know.

Cigaretting = smoking (Aug. 14, 2014)

November 1, 2014:  Last night the boys watched some Charlie Brown (The Great Pumpkin).  This morning I heard them downstairs sorting through their masses of Halloween candy.  Beck said, "I got a Snickers!"  Asher said, "I got a rock."  Love, love it!

November 2, 2014:  Yesterday I tried to convince my boys that I was a secret spy, just for fun.  The next day Beckett asked me if I would show him my Super Secret Spy Lab.  Hehehe.

November 30, 2014:  Beck yelled down from his bed tonight..."Hey, mom?  Tomorrow can we ask your phone if aliens are real?"  Sure! 

January 11, 2015:  Beck came home from church today with his first CTR ring!  He was beyond excited and couldn't stop talking about it.  He took it off when he ate and wants to wear it to school everyday.  While he was playing in his room sitting next to a giant bin of legos, he looked up at me and said, "Mom, do you know what just happened?  Satan just told me to dump out all the Legos on the floor.  But, then I saw my CTR ring and decided not to do it."  Ah, we just love that ring and the boy who wears it!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday!

 Happy Birthday Asher!  His birthday this year turned into a bit of a fiesta celebration!  We had all the family in town over to eat and celebrate on his birthday, and Ash chose the menu.  He wanted nachos for dinner (don't worry, I had a bunch of fruit out too, haha), and in lieu of cake, he chose ice cream sundaes.  It was a win-win for all of us and actually very tasty too.  We went to the party store to grab some odds and ends the day before, and Corey found this sombrero and just had to get.  It did make for a fun party hat. Ole!  Beck went and found his poncho and hat from preschool to help get into the festivities too. I think one of the favorite parts though were those nuclear maraschino cherries on top of the sundaes...each kiddo had 3 or so on top of their pile of ice cream, fudge, carmel, m&m's, oreos and whip cream.  Best of all, Asher was happy, which was all that mattered.  He opened presents and was extra surprised by the camera we gave him.  He hasn't stopped using it since. Funny pics of family, our house and even his most recent Lego creations have turned up.  He's going to photograph the world.  We've tried to convince him that he doesn't need to take video of everything too, since it eats up his memory card so fast, but I'm not sure he's buying into that yet. The group squeezed in a little Wii time too, which Asher was a big proponent of. 

Happy Birthday to the best 9 year old I know!  This boy is smart, funny, kind, loves sports, loves his family, is creative, loves to read (current fave:  Harry Potter), has a sweet testimony, tries to do what's right, and has just so many talents and is developing more all the time.  He loves life and is a genuinely happy guy.  We love him so much.
Asher also wanted to have a type of  'friend party' this year, but opted for something new and different and (thankfully) possible for a mom who isn't able to throw a big bash at home right now.  He wanted just a small group of buddies to go and eat pizza and then go to a movie with ICEEs.  Honestly, it was the most enjoyable birthday as a parent, and the kids had a great time!  They're at that age when the games and decor and little cutsie things we usually do for birthdays would be lost on them anyway.  The boys hung out and goofed off, ate pizza and soda, opened presents, ate cookie cake (also Asher's choice...I put on a Yoda face last minute...don't judge, he's not perfect! The kids never eat cake anyway, so the cookie is one our fave go-to's lately), and then we headed over to the movie.  We saw the new 'Night at the Museum', with ICEEs, of course (Asher's big request...I think he wanted them more than the pizza).  It was a great, relaxing and enjoyable birthday.  All of the boys were so polite and gracious afterwards...what a great group of kiddos.  And Asher enjoyed it all, so glad!  Happy Birthday buddy!

Christmas 2014

Oh. My. Goodness!  We had so much fun this Christmas season, especially the two whole weeks off we had together over the break.  We usually have some sort of plans to go somewhere for a quick trip, but with a baby coming soon, staying home was the best option since we never know what to expect or when.  

Leading up to Christmas Break, the boys were prepping for good times.  First off, they created a time machine out of a giant box.  I found them before church one morning, all smooshed in together and ready to transport to who knows where.  They've also been busy having indoor snowball fights with a set my mom sent them (um, thanks? hehe).  They're the closest thing to a real snowball we've had, so they've had a riot pelting each other with them.  The last day of school before the break, Asher brought birthday doughnuts for his class, which is so fun and easy for me too.  I can't believe he's about to turn 9.  That last day of school marked the beginning of the fun for all of us, and Corey was especially ready for a break from work. Before Christmas, we decorated a Gingerbread village and made gingerbread cookies, yum!  Corey had the idea to go buy some balsa wood planes with the boys, which they took to the park on a freeeeeezing cold day and flew around.  The verdict was that the helicopter was the most consistent, and that while the planes were lots of fun to fly around, the boys agreed that chasing the giant flock of Canadian Geese around the field was equally as entertaining. Corey also won some major points with the kiddos for going out and getting some yo-yo's.  You see, Corey has some hidden talents, among which are winning stuffed animals from those stingy claw machines and performing yo-yo tricks (discovered while we were dating).  I personally don't know anyone else who can do either of these things, making him a super cool dad.  They boys were ecstatic to try out their new yo-yo's and to learn of their Daddy's hidden skills.  By the end of the break, Asher's starting to get the hang of the basics and Beckett (in his words) is "working on his yo."  They both still think that 'around the world' means flinging it around in circles which is wrong and just plain scary for anyone and anything withing reach, but they're coming along!

On Christmas Eve, we took the Country Club Luminaria Bus Tour.  It was so beautiful, and there were even several hot air balloons on the ground doing a mini 'balloon glow' en  route.  Thousands of luminarias glowing down blocks and blocks of pretty homes is ethereal, truly.  Corey's parents came with us too, making for some fun Christmas Eve family time.  We came home and ate Strombolli (a fun new dish of Corey's), Corey and the boys put out some luminarias of our own (so pretty), opened up jammies, read from Luke 2, sang some Christmas carols and sent the boys off to bed. 


 Christmas morning was wonderful.  Weirdly, Corey and I were both up and having a hard time going back to sleep by around 5:30 A.M.  All I wanted to do was go back to sleep, but just couldn't seem to do it.  Finally (ha!) Beckett woke up around 6:30.  He came into our room, went to wake up Asher and we grabbed cameras and headed downstairs.  After snapping a few minutes of video and pics, we settled in to enjoy it all.  They boys were excited about the Wii U and games awaiting them with their stockings.  Beck was just as thrilled, however, with the Hex Fish sitting with his stash!  By that afternoon, the boys had put already put together a 'fish show' for us in their bedroom with viewing chairs set up and all.  It was very official and informative.  I love it when they do things like that together!  The Wii U was a huge hit all break long.  They even twisted my arm into playing some and I came in 7th place (VERY good for me) on Mario Kart.  I guess I'm in training...the boys keep telling me how well I'm doing.  Opening presents was fun...I am excited to use my new point and shoot camera, woo-hoo!, and Corey will be sporting his handsome new Batman apron in the kitchen - can't wait!  The boys gave each other treasures... Beck gave Asher one of his prized smencils he'd bought, and Asher gave Beck a bookmark (much needed, he has probably 5 but can't ever find them) and a book he'd written.  Sweet boys. I had to post a pic of the fun gift my sis-in-law, Danna sent for the boys...slingshots and a 'target practice' onesie for our up and coming.  I died.  Too funny.  I'm thinking maybe our little buddy has now been scared into staying in there longer?  We had cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for breakfast...along with candy canes, cinnamon bears, and whatever else the boys snuck in while we were all lazing about throughout the morning.  It was fun, relaxing and wonderful just spending time together.


 Christmas night we headed up to Aaron and Meagan's and had a wonderful dinner with everyone.  Throughout the break, we had a great time hanging out with family, going to movies, eating out, eating in, playing the Wii, making Mii's (always fun, and we even coerced Grandma and Grandpa Reitz into it!).  Corey made the most of his time off playing basketball and football with the boys in the backyard, not to mention all the yo-yo time, painting the baby's room, assembling a crib and changing table and somehow fitting in a lil' nap most days.  New Year's was more fun and yumminess up at Aaron and Meagan's with family. We truly had a fantastic, fun and relaxing break, and were sad to see it end.  Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015!
P.S.  Fun Story:  Asher had wanted a suit a few months back, so we found him a suit jacket for Christmas.  When he tried it on, Corey mentioned that it's a 'sports jacket.'  Later Christmas Day, Asher came downstairs wanting to play basketball outside, donning some basketball pants, a t-shirt and his new navy blue jacket, all buttoned up with the collar turned up as high as it would go.  Cor and I looked at him, then each other a little baffled.  I told him to run up and take it off if he wanted to play outside, but he insisted on using it to play basketball since it's a 'sports jacket'.  He was confused at first, then a little disgruntled.  I think it was cooler to him when it was a sports accessory!  He did wear it to church though and seemed to finally buy into wearing it as intended.  Lolololol.  Loved that one. And I love my little sports fan.