Thursday, February 10, 2011

B is TWO!

Yeppers. Our Beckett has turned the big 2. This kiddo has proven to be full of spunk and rascal-ness just like his brother, maybe even more so! We celebrated Elmo style with all the decorations (as always, at Corey's insistence). He is a big Elmo fan, so we thought it fitting. Aaron and the girls came over to help us celebrate with noisemakers, pizza(oh, how Beckett loves pizza), and cupcakes. Fun!

Here are a few fun tidbits about our fun little guy:
  • His little blue bunny,"Bubba" is still his favorite buddy, hands down. I'm not sure he could sleep without him. I smile especially big when he insists that Bubba needs hugs and kisses at night too. Of course he does!
  • He can be a bit destructive. For example, he's torn keys off of our computer's keyboard (just try having a broken backspace key!), thrown wads and wads of toilet paper into a (recently occupied) toilet, broken a few DVD's (I finally bought a child lock good enough to keep him out), Oh, and he just loves to pump handsoap into the toilet. For each of the afforementioned offenses, he stops, tosses whatever is in his hands and runs away fast. Yeah, he knows better.
  • If you ask him what a horsee says, his reply will be, "YEE-HAW!"
  • He loves his naps. Most days around noon, he actually says, "mom, I want bed."(I can't really complain about that one:) He's a boy who knows what he wants.
  • He gets mad when I push his sleeves up. In fact, he's been known to try to pull down his short sleeves too...oh, does that make him mad!
  • He's such a little smartie, and is constantly surprising me with what he knows. One day I was reading him a counting book, pausing after every couple of numbers, to which he surprised me by knowing every one that came next. Who knew?!
  • He loves to jump! Asher was always a runner, and now Beckett is my jumper. He occasionally adds a loud "ribbit" to his hop.
  • He is such sweet snuggly boy. He always has been, and I am thrilled that it's continued!
  • His favorite way to fall asleep is all tucked up, laying on his stomach with his little bum in the air.
  • He is quite a talker and is good at letting us know exactly what he wants....both a blessing and a curse!
  • He just loves his brother. I sometimes wonder if he hits Asher just so he can give him a big hug afterward and offer his very convincing, "sowwy, Ash." It is hard to resist and mostly convincing.
His birthday was fun, and he enjoyed every second. You could tell that he knew it was all just for him, which was really cute. He was giddy with excitement(literally) when he saw the pizza on his plate, ate the better part of four cupcakes, leaving a pile of cupcake carnage off to the side, and ran from new toy to new toy all night, saying, "mines! There was no doubt that he understood that it was HIS day.

We sure do love our Beckett, and can't believe how much he's grown and learned! Especially considering his coming into our lives at only 33 weeks...what a little trooper. This kid's got energy, volume and love to share and are so grateful for our adorable, smart lil' boy!