Sunday, September 23, 2012

September Stuff

Wahoo! I am loving September.  We've had lots to keep us busy, but I feel like we've done some really fun things as well, to mix it up a bit.  For starters, it's my birthday month.  Now, I'm not a huge fan of my birthday, especially of late since every year I add on now seems to be showing on my face, my body, and sadly, my brain.  But since we still haven't figured out how to actually turn back a little time(I'm not asking for much, really!), onward I go.  On the flip side, Corey is an absolute birthday lover, so he tries to make mine fun, and it works.  I really enjoyed my birthday...we went out to lunch, shopped a bit, and then hit the newest Bourne movie (love spy movies!) sans kiddos.  It was a lovely day.  And a few friends around to think of you is always a nice touch too.  Then, there's Facebook on your birthday...a way for people you haven't seen in years to send you a quick salutation.  It's odd, but oddly enjoyable.  Anyways, thanks to family (especially, and my boys, they always make it a worthwhile celebration with mandatory banners and hats!), and friends it was a good birthday.  Minus that getting older thing, of course:)
 Last week, Asher had a fun pajama day and mini-fair day at school. They each brought a collection or single item to show off to all the first graders.  Asher chose to bring his trophies and awards, which he's already accumulating.  His exhibit included 2 soccer trophies, a t-ball trophy, a Turkey Trot ribbon, and a science fair ribbon from last year.  He was so proud!  And Beckett is quickly becoming an honorary first grader.  He's been coming with me some of the days I volunteer and has been an absolute gem!  The teacher let him sit in the extra desk on mini-fair day and you would have thought it was Christmas, he was so happy about it. 

On Friday night, we had la nuit francaise (aka French Night!) at our place.  Last month was 'Reitzel' at Aaron and Meagan's...aka German Night.  We're getting together each month, reflecting upon the culinary customs of our ancestors.  I think we'll run out of focusing on our roots before the year is through, but we are already talking about others, and I'm so excited.  French night was 'un bon moment', and the lack of pictures is strictly due to all the eating we did instead.  Adam was present, but somehow not pictured, and Kayla headed out of town but will be back for the next soiree!  We had brie en croute(so easy and fun to make, and will definitely be doing again), french onion soup, french bread, savory crepes with a chicken and mushroom filling, and creamed brussel sprouts (ala Julia Child).  Dessert was delicious...scratch made eclairs by Aaron.  YUM.  And some Perrier to drink, which nobody cared for but me.  It wasn't so bad, really.  Even the kiddos enjoyed some of the food.  And Asher has been eating leftover crepes with every filling imaginable the past two days.  Yes, I wore a blue and white striped boatneck shirt, and really wanted to tie a red bandana/necktie around my neck(but didn't) and REALLY wanted to make everyone wear berets(but again, didn't).  Oh, the ideas that were sprouting up in my mind!  But in the end, simply food and family won out, and was a good choice. Can't wait for the next month's get together!

And last, but definitely NOT least.  Here is my Asher, reading a beginner chapter book...I'm so proud!  He loves these Ready Freddy books, and tears through them in a few sittings.  It's so cute!  As a book-lover myself, I am excited to see my oldest find an interest of his own in reading. Welcome to the wonderful world of books, buddy! Love you! xoxo

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day

Labor Day weekend this year was no work at all, really.  We didn't go anywhere...which can be surprisingly relaxing. Corey came home from a week long trip to D.C. on Friday.  It had been an especially LONG week for me, since my very cute but very naughty 3 year old tried me every second of the day. Right after he came home we left and spent the evening at the R.G. Zoo and then hit up Flying Star for some dinner. Yum. I am so glad he's home, and it was a good reminder to my of how nice it is to have a sounding board at night after a marathon day with your kids.  I missed him more than I had realized. I'm so glad he only travels a few times a year!

Saturday, we had a plan set to spend the day with the Williamson clan.  We met them for breakfast at the Fronteir(an establishment in it's own right, if you've never been), where I inhaled my amazing breakfast burrito, and the kids devoured their pancakes.  It was a great way to start the day!  We then made our way to the other side of the Sandia's to hike up on the crest, which was the most perfect temperature and had spectacular views, as always.  It was beautiful, and nice to get away a bit.  We hiked to the stone house again(we did it for the first time back in June), and had a little picnic nearby.  The kids had a great time, and I think Asher was leading us the whole way:) 

On Monday, we'd gone through several different scenerios for what our day would hold, but ended up with a simple jaunt to the park, where the boys rode their bikes and played.  Cor and I found a nice shady spot to relax while they ran around, and it was just perfect...the breeze, the sun, the shade.  Ahhh.  We grabbbed some smoothies on the way back home, had lunch and ALL of us took naps. Yep, every one of us.  Too much food, relaxing days. It was a fun, lazy way to spend a holiday. 

Now, on to the rest of September, which ushers in my FAVORITE season...Autumn. Yay...pumpkins, spiced candles, warm and cozy desserts, crunchy leaves, cool evenings, and days full of the waning warmth of the sun.  I love it all!