Friday, September 26, 2008

Stitched Up

Yesterday afternoon we dropped Asher off at a friend's house and headed to the hospital for my cerclage. It has a fancy sounding name, but isn't a really complicated or lengthy procedure...thank goodness. After checking in and waiting for a bit I make it downstairs to the pre-op area where the hooked up my IV. After that....more waiting, as this is after all a hospital. My surgery was scheduled for 3:30, and, big surprise I wasn't wheeled into the operating room until 4:30. They administered a spinal injection (oh, so fun) and got to work, a little too quickly in my opinion because I was still feeling more than I'd have liked. But, I knew that the more anesthesia they gave me, the longer I'd be in recovery and still at the hospital, and the less stuff going through my body the better for the baby's sake, right? It really wasn't too bad just a little discomfort. My position during this procedure is a little, oh, precarious and awkward shall we say?

Then it was off to the recovery area for me. There is one major detail I haven't yet everyone knows, surgery equals NO FOOD OR DRINK. My doc said I could eat at 6 AM, so I crammed a piece of bread and some water down and rolled back to bed. A late afternoon surgery time does NOT bide well for a pregnant lady. No food, all day, are you joking? I think not being able to eat might have distracted me from thinking about what was coming most of the day, but that was the only upside. I was in recovery until 7:30 before my nurse let me know that, although it's not allowed, Corey would be coming down with some food...they'd just pull the curtain around us. Hallelujah! Once he came down with my Subway sandwich, soup and water I found out how he'd maneuvered all the glorious contraband food. He'd been letting the check-in guy upstairs (first name basis now...Patrick) watch his ipod...some random show called Dr. Horrible's Musical Blog. Corey asked about food for me, and voila! A call was made downstairs, and soon I was saved! A little sharing with the right person and you get the hook-up!

It still took us until just before 11 PM to finally get outta that place. It doesn't matter what you do, you can't will your body to be un-numb. I tried for hours to wiggle my toes and had no results whatsoever. By that time I was grumpy and irritated, and just wanted out. Asher had been long asleep at the Symes house (he had a lot more fun than we did, and what great friends to help us out like that!), but we picked him up anyway and headed for home.

Corey's taking care of us all for the weekend while I lay low for a few days. The surgery went well and we are happy that the baby should now stay safely inside. Yah!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mum's the Word

Or rather Mom. After much patience and hard work (ahem) we are happy to say we are expecting a baby in March! I was a little leery of making it known, as I always am, but after telling family, a few friends in Utah, and a couple of friends here, it has started to get less and less important to me that it was still a secret. What's the big deal anyway? The more people that know, the more people we can have crossing their fingers for us. Besides, my body isn't going to let me keep it a secret much longer anyway. Isn't there something they say about your body "remembering?" It is definitely doing that. Hey, on the upside I'll get more use out of those maternity clothes!

We are excited but as always very apprehensive. My pregnancies in the past have proven less than ideal and simple, so we are readying ourselves for the long haul. I have a surgery scheduled the end of next week to keep the baby safely inside (a cerclage). I must say, that I am a huge fan of modern medicine when it comes to having babies. It's a very good thing I was born in the 20th century instead of the 18th. With the surgery, a little good luck, a lot of prayers, a lot of inactivity (in a few months), and my doctor's expertise (I think his mantra is "the glass is half full", a good thing for an OB I think) we'll be a family of 4 come Spring.

Asher's been pretty cute about it all so far. But, I am fully aware that once the reality of a foreign invader hits him its going to be a little less appealing to him. Whenever we ask him what he wants...a brother or a sister, he answers the same almost every time. "A stister!" I am convinced he doesn't know the meaning of the word, and that he simply likes the sound of it. It makes us laugh though. He also reminds us in the middle of prayers to "bless the baby coming." So sweet.

Besides feeling tired and gross for several weeks, and craving salty foods, things have been pretty smooth so far. Now I am looking forward to the better sleep the 2nd trimester usually brings. Bring it on!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Training Day

Goal: Potty training in a day.
Reality: This is going to take some work.

8 AM
Today was day one of potty training Asher. I decided he's ready (and so am I), and today's a good day to stay home and do it. We started out around 8 or so, and I slipped some brand new "big boy" underwear onto Asher, Elmo ones to be exact. He went potty (yeah!) and I set the timer on the microwave for 15 minutes. After eating breakfast was interrupted a couple of times by a buzzer going off, and a few successful trips to the bathroom I let Asher down to watch some t.v. That was my first mistake, and one that I didn't learn from as quickly as I should have. There is no way he is going to take a break from watching his favorite shows to use the bathroom, even if he does get M&M's for doing it. Hence, accident #1 ensued.

10 AM
We are on our 3rd pair of Elmo underwear. Apparently, 15 minute intervals are too presumptuous. We need a 5 minute timer. I have also realized that we are out of some things we need and have to go to the grocery store. I put a diaper on Asher and we headed off to the store.

11 AM
Back from the grocery store. I begrudgingly purchased another pack of diapers and think to myself, I should have bought stock in Pampers. I also stopped on the aisle with all the cheap toys and bought a few as "poop" prizes, figuring I better one-up the M&M's to get results on every level. Asher did point out where the bathroom was at the store. That's encouraging.

12 noon
Back to the underwear and timer. Asher is playing with his cars, and I walk over to ask how he's doing when I smell my answer. As I begin clean up I realize I need the patience of a Saint to do this. I have some work to do. We eat lunch.

I decide to let Asher go "Commando" for a little bit, which doesn't seem like a wise choice on my part since he's never proven that he can handle that much freedom in the past. Soon thereafter, I decide "Commando" may be a good idea. He keeps saying "don't pee on the floor" and is doing little potty dances. After another successful trip to the potty, Asher earns a "poop" prize! We called Daddy at work with the good news. He didn't sound as excited as I thought he should...I guess he has some work to do too. I am pretty sure if Dad's had to do this, kids would wear diapers until they were 10.

Asher is diapered and snoozing soundly. I just can't fathom letting him sleep without a diaper yet. He can hardly make the decision to head to the toilet when he's awake. Right before he went down for his nap we tried one last time to go. Nothing happened, to which Asher replied, "Maybe next time." I couldn't help but laugh. He's right, there is always the next time!

4 PM
Asher wakes up and we have to drive across town to give Corey some papers he "has to have." So, I concede for the day knowing that being in the car for an hour or more is no way to potty train. Plus, we are in and out of the house the rest of the evening, Asher in diapers. I guess we've had more successes than failures during our half day attempt. I am proud of him for giving it a good starting try! This has to be such a new concept for him that his diapers are no longer the safety net. I need to remember that. Transitions aren't always easy and this will take a little time. Tomorrow should be exciting to say the least. And I better start doing laundry until I get a chance to go and buy 20 more pairs of underwear. I am such a rookie. Is it really true that they'll have accidents for a year before this whole process is perfected?

I salute mothers everywhere. Any kid wearing underwear is now something of a miracle to me. Wish us luck, we'll need it! Oh, and any suggestions would be welcome too!
You can do it Asher!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to?

...Asher? Actually it was my birthday, and I am now well into my 30's. Thirty-one feels the same as 30 and 29 and 28...funny how that is. It was wonderful spending it with family for a second year in a row. I feel so spoiled! We spent that morning at the zoo, then celebrated that night. The moment of crisis came when everyone started singing "Happy Birthday." Up to that point I guess Asher had still believed that maybe it was his birthday, even though Corey had prepped him earlier telling him it was Momma's Birthday (to which Asher had argued that no, it was Asher's birthday). When they said my name in place of his, he literally burst into tears, pouty face and all. He was crushed. So, in an attempt to regain some peace and quell the crying, we all sang "Happy Birthday" to Asher and let him blow out the candles too. He was immediately grinning from ear to ear. It made him so happy! I guess by next year he'll get it. It must be a little confusing when your the only kid around. I don't really mind sharing my day with him anyways. It was just so funny!

For some reason all the pictures except for this one turned out blurry. Just a coincidence? Was the camera somehow in on it? Maybe we are all the confused ones and it really was Asher's birthday after all. Huh, weird.

Wow, those tears sure disappeared fast. Look at that face.

A couple of the cool things Corey and Asher gave to me was the Rosetta Stone (French) software and "Cook's Country" magazine (awesome pictures and delicious food...must check out if you've never seen it)! I was so excited! I think maybe they'll benefit from them a little though too...I'll be getting smarter, and they'll be eating better. Thanks everyone for making my day so fun!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Just Because

This was a hallmark trip to Utah for our little family. We didn't go for a wedding, missionary farewell, graduation, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other holiday or event, we went...just because we wanted to. We drove this time too, which is something I think we've only done 4 other times since we've been married! It just didn't make sense to pay $800 for airfare to Utah. We also stayed for a whopping 10 days (partly because we won't be up for Christmas anyways) and were able to fit in a lot of fun things. We ate, we shopped, we talked, we camped, spent a night in Park City, and a night away(just me and Corey) at the Hines Mansion. I even fit in a lunch with friends. It was a lot of fun, but oddly enough, by the time we left it still felt like the time had just gone by too fast. I posted a LOT of pictures, but I didn't feel like leaving anything out!

Camping at Payson lake would have been a lot more fun if Corey and Asher hadn't gotten sick! Somehow I was miraculously spared. We rode mountain bikes, rowed the boat, and ate the best watermelon ever.

Playing Rock Band with the fam. My hands were actually a little sore the next day after trying my hand at base and lead guitar. Rooky. Notice the little drummer boy next to me. He ran and grabbed this Fijian drum and pounded his heart out.

Love, love, love beautiful Temple Square.

We ate at The Lion House. Corey always loves to try different Root Beers (or in this case Sasparilla). Uh, Brigham's Favorite was a little strong for him! Pretty funny.

Ash and Corey at the Christus.

Check out that pile-o-steaks. Nice job Grill Master Ryan, they were delicious!

Dinner out with the family. We were so MAD at the server at the Mayan. Doubt we'll go there again, but it was still fun with everyone there.

Ah, isn't little Mason sweet? And I am positive there is a picture of me and my sisters somewhere by this Lion drinking fountain, its a classic.

Anderson fam. And what is it that these three have in common? Answer coming soon.

Hogle Zoo pics. Isn't that donut awesome? And no, he didn't eat it all, in fact those two bites in the picture were about all he ate. The zoo was better than I remembered as a kid.

These two went on the Alpine Slide, and the Roller Coaster. The funniest part was when they were near the end of the coaster and I could hear Asher yelling...I thought he was scared until I saw the huge smile across his face. He loved it. Corey on the other hand was actually a little scared!

We spent a night in Park City. Such a cute town. We went to the Olympic Park, checked out the museum and were awed by some athletes training on the freestyle jumps. Wow. I've always felt a little jipped that I wasn't around when the Olympics actually came to SLC, and seeing some of this almost made up for it.

This was so worth seeing!