Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Celebrating the 4th!

This year's holiday weekend was packed with family time and fun.  The boys had a swim meet early Saturday morning. They both swam their hearts out and came home with the obligatory stack of ribbons of all colors.  It was a great kick off to the weekend! 

Later that day, Corey's parents came into town to visit (for cousin Emery's birthday!).  They joined us on a fun 3 mile hike/walk through the bosque.  Asher needed to knock out one of his Webelos requirements by planning a hike and doing a service project, so we all joined in.  Besides running into a coyote and being swarmed by mosquitos for a minute it was a beautiful evening.  It wasn't too hot, everyone had a good time, we learned about various local fauna from Grandpa, and cleaned up as we went.  And I believe the highlight of the evening was when the boys found a garter snake...which I nearly caught for them, but was a little slow on the draw.  
The Fourth was loaded with fun.  The boys went to Emery's birthday party at Fallout (trampoline place) and jumped and ate pizza til they were exhausted and full.  They loved it.  A family BBQ up at Aaron's rounded out the evening.  The food was good and even though all of the kids were tired, they still had a good time.  Dawson even started making friends with their dog, Toby, which is a HUGE accomplishment.  That sweet little dog makes Dawson tremble with fear every time he comes around. We headed home after that to join our neighbor Chris for some fireworks.  He'd let the boys know a week ago that they could pick the ones to let off, so they were very excited.  D liked them too and kept asking for "mo."  
Happy 4th of July!  We sure do love this country we are lucky enough to call home.  God bless America!