Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Starting off Summer in AZ

We spent the past week in good ol' AZ.  The heat is always a shock to our systems, and it never fails to astound me.  It's just so hot!  It hit 110 degrees during our time there, and if it weren't for all the swim time it would have seemed awful.  The pools make it oh so nice.

Our first few days were spent at the Point Hilton Squaw Peak resort.  Although it's an older resort, it had amenities our family loved.  The boys loved the lazy river (so did I!), and the water slide.  There's a mini golf course we enjoyed together, and we even hit the tennis courts.  Memorial Day made for a crowded but still fun time, but once the weekend was over it was really nice.  On Sunday we went to church in Scottsdale and drove to the new temple in Phoenix. The boys swam all day for 3 days straight!  Unfortunately our little man, Dawson came down with a nasty fever our first night there and it didn't let up for about 3 1/2 days.  We were down to alternating ibuprofen and acetominophen around the clock just to keep him comfortable.  It was just so sad.  We took him out to the pool area one afternoon when we thought he was on the mend (but nope) and he hated it when we tried to let him swim a bit.  We'll need to try again soon now that he's feeling better.  Corey and I took turns taking care of the little man and playing with the boys at the pool.  Aside from Dawson being so sick, the resort was a wonderful reprieve.
On our way out to the east valley to visit Corey's parents for the remainder of the trip, we hit a Diamondbacks baseball game.  So fun!  We bought tickets that were at the T.G.I.Fridays inside the park, so we ate and watched the game from a comfy booth and table overlooking the game.  Corey's been curious to try it out for a while now and we all enjoyed the uniqueness of it...Beckett even took a little nap! The D-backs lost but the boys cheered them on, hoping the streak of luck they had in the 8th inning would hold out.

Our visit with grandparents was nice. The boys played catch, swam, watched movies, swam, exhausted themselves at a Jumper place, played on the piano, watched NBA finals games and swam some more.  Grandma bought everyone's favorite candy and fave Ben and Jerry's ice cream. We all ate our own delicious pints of creamy frozen naughtiness.  Yum and thank you! The boys were asking when we would come back before we even left, so it's safe to say they had fun. Next time I'm just hoping everyone is healthy, but all in all it was a great start to summer!

Asher's Soccer

Soccer this past year has been so much fun to watch!  Asher's team (the Aftershocks), and Asher in particular had some great skills to start with, but also improved lots during both the fall and spring seasons. We loved cheering him on and watching him learn and succeed out on the field.  This year he played a little of everything, including goal keeper (which he really enjoys, but is brutal to watch as a parent, yikes). He scored, he defended, and loved it all the while.   Asher is so fun to watch...he has two speeds out there on the soccer field, fast and faster.  It's crazy to watch him as he's running and kicks it up a notch to run around someone or get by another player.  His speed and determination are just awesome, and as always, he had a great attitude whether they won, lost or tied the game.  Way to go, Ashman! Keep up the good work.