Thursday, March 10, 2016

Basketball Boys

These boys of mine had an awesome basketball season this winter.  They both played well and learned a lot. 

Asher played with a couple of his friend's this year, making the season even more enjoyable for him.  The three of them coerced the rest of the team into choosing 'Cougars' as their team name, and Asher was really excited about that from the start.  At Asher's first practice he was SO excited that he dressed up in all the gear he could find (see pic) and asked me if he looked like a basketball player.  Yup, definitely! Their team won nearly every single game, and Asher was a big support to the team.  He was really into layups, but also had an awesome buzzer beater during one game, shooting the ball with only fractions of a second left and making the shot to win the game.  He was ecstatic!  I even found a poem he wrote at school about it...

I feel awesome.
I taste fruity fruit punch.
I touch rough Gatorade bottles.
I smell rubber basketball.
I see happiness.

Love this!  He had a great time playing, and loves basketball.  Way to go Cougars!

Beckett also played great and learned a lot this year.  He made shots and always looked my way smiling, checking to see if I saw the play.  He really improved his dribbling skills though and by the end of the season was running with the ball really well.  He also loved Basketball this year (although he didn't love his team name...the Sparks).  Go Beckett, go! He says he definitely wants to play again next year.

We had so much fun watching and cheering the boys on!  As a bonus, we had a 'lunch club' with two of our favorite families a few times during the season since the boys were all on the same team.  Our group was big, we cheered loud, and we had a great time hanging out with them all for lunch on Saturdays!