Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tryin' the Tri

Corey set a goal with a running buddy, Danny, a few months back to do a Triathalon.  He's been running a lot, and swimming a little to prep for it.  Me and the boys were so excited to cheer him on! Beck had a tough time keeping the enthusiasm up since the race cut into his nap time, but we can't hold that against him.  Ash and I kept it up throughout the race though, and had a great time watching it all!

Danny's wife, Shannon made up the awesome signs for the boys to hold up...why didn't I think of that?! I was so glad she brought them along! Between her two boys and mine, we had our own little cheering section.

He did a fantastic job...and did really well on the running portion, then would have done really well on the biking part had he brought the right kind of bike along:)  Corey decided to just go for it with his mountain bike, and then watched as big guys who were likely a bit fitness challenged whiz past him.  Next time he'll bring a road bike:)  The swimming part was by far the most brutal, and it was last, so everyone was already wiped out.  But he did it and finished! 
Danny, Christy, and Corey before the race.

Way to go Corey!  We'd love to cheer you on for another one. The boys and I are SO proud of you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We Heart San Diego

Over Spring Break, we tagged along on a biz trip with Corey and had a blast in San Diego. We happened to go last Spring too, and I would not be the least bit averse to doing it every year. That place is the best! I flew out with the boys and we met Corey at the airport when his flight arrived. The first couple of days we stayed in the Gaslamp Quarter and Corey attended a class for work, so me and the boys hit the city sans Daddy. I only got lost once while driving around. I tried to keep a calm facade, but I was FREAKING out inside, especially when I ended up on a road I couldn't get off of that was going directly to the freeway. I wanted to avoid the California freeway at all costs, because without a GPS or a good map, I was going to be in big trouble. Speaking of...maybe it's time to finally get a GPS, eh? We made it back to the hotel flustered, but alive and well. Phew!
My travel buddies(at the airport).

We went to the San Diego Zoo, and saw as much as we could possibly see in a day(next time we are totally doing the bus tour...I didn't figure that one out til after we left!) Everyone's favorite was the Panda, which we had been talking about to the kids for at least a month before the trip. A close second for me was a quail type bird that did this insane mating dance for us...coolest thing ever! I thought I had video of it, but was so caught up in watching it, I later realized I never hit the record button at all. Beckett took a nice long nap in his stroller in the afternoon while Ash and I hoofed it up and down all the steep hills and saw the animals. What a great zoo!

Yep, that's the panda's back end:)

This skyride had me panicking inside. I was so afraid one of the kids was going to fall out that I didn't enjoy it AT ALL. Ash loved every second.

Me and the boys also hit Balboa Park and went to the Science Museum. They dedicated half of the upper level to a children's area, and the kids absolutely loved it and played hard for a few hours. The park was beautiful to stroll around and I think next time we'll have to check out some more of that area. Gorgeous!

The Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center in Old Town came highly recommended by a few of our good friends, and it didn't disappoint. The tour was both entertaining and well done, and I actually learned a lot. Asher didn't want to leave his post as 'water boy'. He manned the pump as long as he could before we finally made him stop so we could go.

The remainder of our trip was spent in Carlsbad. We rented a little bungalow about a block up from the beach, making it easy for us to walk down with the kids. We went to Legoland, and the Sea Life aquarium with the boys and they had a great time. My favorite part was all the incredible things that were made of legos! Amazing! The kids loved all the rides, of course.

Lovin' me some Hagrid.

Ah, the beach...

We were a little worried we wouldn't get a good day at the beach because of a storm that passed through during our stay, but we did get one beautiful, warm-ish day at Carlsbad beach. Me and the boys played in the sand, and Corey helped the boys get really wet and sandy jumping waves. What a way to spend an afternoon.

Seriously, San Diego has fast become one of our fave destinations for our family. There's just so much to, eat, beach, zoo, theme it! And I think I've vanquished my fear of flying solo with the boys. Sitting between them, and being fully stocked with movies, treats and books, we made it without a glitch:)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Try This On....

This boy.  Loves. To try things in particular.  It doesn't matter whose, or what type, he loves to strut his stuff in all kinds of shoes.  These are some various pictures I've taken recently, capturing him snagging someone else's shoes. Too funny.  Beckett also has a new mitt that, as you can see, he just can't part with.  Seriously, this kid has to take naps with it on.  It's SO DARN CUTE.  
I remember posting about Asher doing this a few years back, and low and behold, here is his little bro...following in his (dare I say it?) footsteps:)
P.S.  These few pictures of the boys roller skating are from a recent day out, giving it a go:)  It was...interesting!  They had fun, but only after getting some much needed help from some of the teachers (no parents allowed during kid sessions).  Even Beckett wanted to give it a try!