Friday, October 9, 2009

Monkey Business

Can I just say that Albuquerque's Balloon Fiesta never seems to get old? I love waking up and seeing balloons dotting the sky, and so do the kids. It is surreal and beautiful. We didn't hit the actual Fiesta park this seemed cruel to rip a baby out of bed for some early morning fun, so we'll likely resume that next year. But, we have done a few morning drives around town to watch them float on by. More mellow, but still fun and mesmorizing. We found a great spot in Corrales last weekend where balloons were landing all around us. I think Asher is a little bummed we aren't doing "park and ride" this year and going down to the park...the bus ride is still a major highlight for him and he's been talking about it for weeks now, but I think somehow he'll forgive us, and we'll just make it up to him next year As always, Fall in Albuquerque is amazing.

Me and Beck hanging at the zoo:)

Corey took a day off from work today, so we drove around and watched the balloons, grabbed some cinnamon rolls and hit the zoo. What a treat! We had an especially exciting time visiting the chimpanzees. There is a baby one that was literally playing with Asher. The little guy was doing sommersaults by the viewing window, then throwing himself at the glass and jumping around. It was amazing to watch, and Asher was loving every second of it!

Please ignore my goofy laugh!