Tuesday, October 27, 2015

8 months

This Dawson boy.  He is such a treat. His awesome little personality is bursting forth a little more every day, and he's a fun one to be sure!

At 8 months, Dawson likes:

  • Waving.  He flops his hand up and down happily, or uses his whole arm to wave.  Either way, it's really cute.
  • Standing up. On everything.  He pulls up to stand and can't believe how much better the view is from a couple of feet up.  
  • Saying "dadadada."  Corey is loving it.  I am missing momomomom, as he's not using that one so much anymore, but I'm betting it'll be back soon enough!
  •  Toys.  His favorites are Elmo (he mauls him with love and wet kisses), the ABC musical toy on the fridge (he sits and bops up and down, dancing to the song).
  • To explore.  The gates have gone up.  He will crawl everywhere he possible can and can even climb up the step to the front door.  And he is speedy.  The gates are a lifesaver, for both of us!
  • Dancing.   He is so so darn cute.  Whether it's one of his toys playing music, or the family singing for Family Home Evening, he can't help but bounce and sway to the beat.  It's a new favorite for sure.

He also had his first little hair trim this month.  His hair was getting whispy and long all over and he started to remind me of a muppet after his baths.  His hair was so long and fluffy it would just stick out all over!  And he was still adorable.

We love, love, love this boy.