Friday, November 14, 2008

Drumroll, please...

Yesterday we went in for the much anticipated ultrasound. This is the longest I think I've ever waited to find out. We always seem to know by now what we are having. I don't know how people wait 9 months. I am too much of a planner to wait until the end, I think I'd go crazy! I must admit that nearly everyone I've talked to, both family and friends were sure this baby would be a girl. I felt a lot yuckier than I did with Asher, and it was exactly how I remember feeling during my second pregnancy, which was a girl. So, up until 3 days ago, I was convinced.

Then, I was sitting in my room and had a sort of epiphany that I was having a boy. Not a dream or anything like that, just a strong feeling I was having a boy. Of course, I quickly discarded the hunch as a psyche buffering me for the possibility everyone was wrong. But, it was still there in the back of my mind and the doubt had been cast.

The doctor checked out all the things that are actually important (head, heart, bones, etc). Much to my relief, everything is as it should be so far. Whether its because of past experiences or pure maternal instinct, I have the tendency to worry until I see the baby healthy and happy in my arms, so little steps of reassurance along the way help at least a little. Then as I looked on the screen as he was measuring the legs, I saw it. Yep, it's a boy! He started to ask me what I thought it was, but I blurted out, "That's a boy!" before he even finished his sentence. It was pretty obvious.

Not the best ultrasound picture, but it's all I've got to work with!
(See if you can find legs and boy parts in all that mess!)

We are thrilled! I love little boys so much, and I am really excited that Asher will have a brother to play with (they'll be best friends, right??). I believe Corey was fairly surprised. I think he had started picturing a baby girl in a pink dress who had him wrapped around every finger she had. On our way out of the office, I reminded Corey that the bit of information we had just received saved him a TON of money. Everyone knows buying girl clothes/stuff is much more fun (and thus more expensive) than the boy stuff.

So, we are gearing up for another funny, rowdy, amazing little boy. The big problem now is the name. We had a lot of trouble deciding on a name for Asher, and now we are back at square one with another little boy on the way. Of course, we had several girl names we liked (as we always do), and a couple very if-y boy names that have already been scratched. Let the process begin!

Future big brother:)

P.S. So much for the was way off! Only 35% had it right!

Monday, November 3, 2008


1. My eyes are poking me. Translation: The sun is in my eyes.

2. Asher hit me! (Or, Asher peed my pants, etc...always in the 3rd person) Translation: I hurt myself.

3. It's Mommy's turn. Translation: Do it for me Mom.

4. This is for you. (Handing me a desired food item; he will always bring 2, one for you and one for him. Very diplomatic.) Translation: I want this.

5. I don't need to go potty right now. Maybe tomorrow. Translation: I need to go potty right now.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thomas the Tank Engine's Night Out

Asher had been waiting for Halloween all month long, and was ready to try out his "trick-or-treat" for real. Every time we asked him what he was going to get when we went trick-or treating, his response was, "candy, and water." I still can't figure out why water...was he anticipating how thirsty he'd be after all that candy? Where'd he get that idea. I wonder if he was disappointed when people weren't handing out bottled water too. Doubt it.

We went to the ward 'trunk-or-treat' last Saturday where Asher got some good practice and way more candy than any 2 year old needs. He loved it though and was rearing to go on the 31st. We had left our poor pumpkins whole until Halloween night, so when Corey came home from work we dug in and carved/drew up our masterpieces. Corey and I wielded knives, Asher had his markers (aka mockers). After proudly displaying our finished works of art on the porch, we ate dinner... chili and cornbread...a tradition I totally stole from a friend of mine (thanks Effie!). Then, the boys hit the pavement for some more sugary prizes, as if we needed any more. I went to the first few houses with them to witness for myself the candy hysteria. He yelled "trick-or-treat" as loud as he could, watched the candy get dropped into his pumpkin, and he was off running to the next house yelling "more candy!" By the third house he was practically grabbing the candy himself out of the bowls. People laughed, but I was horrified and we tried to convince him there was a better way. Halloween breeds candy greed so quickly in those susceptible toddlers!

Before I get any further I have to explain our costume situation. Asher's was straight off the isle at the store (we did buy a train whistle for him), but he loves Thomas the Train right now and he was really excited, so that one was ok. Corey and I had put off really planning any dressing up, and at the last second decided we'd give it at least a feeble attempt. I had some cat ears and a tail (boring, I know), and we threw a Dr. Horrible costume together for Corey. You know its bad when people have to ask what you are. After several years of regrettable Halloween effort, I am committing to some sort of costume theme next year. We will dress up, and our costumes will be in some way related, and WELL PLANNED! Maybe it will even be a family thing....I'll have to get on that as soon as I find out what this baby is. I, Michelle, hereby swear to do better next
The family in all our costumed glory, and Asher enjoying the hard earned loot. I didn't get a picture of all his candy. Trust me, it was a lot. He will be sharing.

After doing the mandatory trick-or-treating, we loaded up some cookies, and headed to a party. Some friends of ours (the Allen's) were crazy enough to host a Halloween party for kids and adults! They turned their playhouse outside into a candy house. It was stocked inside with piles and plates of cookies and treats for all the kids on pint sized tables. A few kids even got a little creative and put some cookies on the grill. There was some dancing later on, and Asher was out there showing off his best moves. I think maybe he should have been the Energizer Bunny instead.

The "candy house", where Asher spent most of the party.

Me and Cor. I'm honestly not sure what made him put Asher's costume on, but doesn't he make a nice train with gloves and safety goggles?

It was a busy but fun night! Happy Halloween! Now on to Thanksgiving... is it bad that I had Christmas music on while I was blogging this?