Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Missing Tooth

This kid. He was so excited to lose his first tooth. From the looks of his tooth flapping back and forth as he wiggled it, I knew the time was coming soon.  Call it the hygienist in me, but I was just itching to help him, and in the end, he let me. Yay!  Corey was out doing some church business, and I was getting the kids to bed when Asher decided it was time.  A little wiggling and voila!  It was outta there!  Asher was a little worried about the bit of bleeding that came next, but mostly excited at the prospect of some money waiting for him in the morning.  He wrote a letter to the tooth fairy (so darn cute), and put it under his pillow for safe keeping until the good fairy arrived.  He couldn't wait to tell Corey about it when he came home soon after.  Beckett was amazed at the whole ordeal, and is now wondering when it will be his turn to exchange an old used up tooth for some free cash.  All in good time! Asher is excitedly awaiting his next tooth loss:)