Monday, July 29, 2013

LRP 2013

Holy smokes.  Park City was fun, beautiful, festive, patriotic, yummy and a little crazy too. This year's LRP (Larry Pettit Reunion, or 'lurp' as it's come to be called) was a blast!  I love that we all get to come together and hang out and let the kids run crazy together once a year.  Don't get me wrong, it's a loud and crazy few days, but at the end I always love that we had the time together, especially since we don't live near anyone in my fam.  This year, the reunion was over the Fourth of July, so we started out at the parade in Park City, where my boys found a spot right up front and watched all the mayhem go by on bikes, feet, paws, hooves, feet, motorcycles, and cars.  Too fun.

The house we rented was perfect for our group size.  We stayed at the houses that were used as lodging for the athletes in the 2002 Winter Olympics, so they were right at the base of the mountain where the Olympic Training Facility/Museum is.  The one downside was the lack of AC, which we assumed would have been included in the building of such nice condos, but no. In the future, we will definitely be assuming nothing on the AC front.

We took our boys to the Alpine Slide area in PC, and did the rollercoaster and slide with the boys.  We'd done this once before a few years back, but I was pregnant with B at the time, and had watched from the bottom.  The boys loved it, and wanted to go as fast as possible.

Shopping is always a fun diversion in PC, and the girls left the guys with all the kiddos on one afternoon.  They didn't love it, but we had fun!
There was a VERY unfortunate incident involving a flag and Koleson's eye that was really scary, but thankfully ended up ok. We missed the whole thing, but came back from our Alpine Slide jaunt to hear that Koleson had been rushed down to the hospital to get his eye checked out after a little USA flag stick had left a sliver in his eye.  The kids had been playing around with them and there was an accident.  So scary!  After a few visits and calls to drs, everything ended up ok, but I now know that if anything gets stuck in an eye, you should have it checked out fast or infection is a very dangerous possibility.  So glad Koleson was ok.
Good food, cousins everywhere, celebrating my Mom, Jen's and Jake's birthdays,  swimming, fireworks, Wreck it Ralph (I think the kids watched pieces of it 50 times),  and talking at the big table were the fun memories this year.

Right after our reunion, there was a get-together with my grandpa and grandma Pettit and all of my dad's family.  It was great to see so many of my cousins, their spouses and kids...some that I was meeting for the first time.

We also had some time at my parents during the trip and had a great time visiting, checking out Scheel's (I got to ride the giganto ferris wheel with Troy!), going to the Dinosaur Museum, riding Uncle Jake's motorcycle and playing with all the cutie-pie kiddos.  Asher looooves his newest cousins, Taizley and Ella. 

LRP 2013 was fun. Can't wait to do it again! Love you all!