Wednesday, August 20, 2014


From the minute I knew I was pregnant, I also knew that surgery at 13 weeks would be imminent.  It's just part of the deal for me.  If I want to make it past 20 weeks, I have to have a cervical cerclage.  And so, the date was set a couple of weeks ago and I knew it was coming.  I put it out of my mind, which wasn't difficult since we've all been so busy getting the boys back to school.  There has been plenty to distract me right up until the day prior to surgery which was the first day of kindergarten for my 5 year old, Beck.  That day is always an emotional milestone day for baby growing up and being gone all day long is an adjustment for both of us.  Only that night after the kids were in bed did it really start to sink in that in less than 12 hours I'd be done with my surgery.

Corey's brother Adam saved the day by coming over in the wee hours of morning (literally...around 4:45) so he could get my boys off to school.  I felt an extra twinge of guilt when on my way out I handed him a bottle of hairspray and sheepishly asked him to try to do the boy's hair, or to just flatten it out with some water.  I'd forgotten about that small detail, but then again, little boys go to school with crazy I-just-woke-up-and-came hair all the time so I wasn't too worried. In the end, Asher said he sported a fauxhalk and was happy.  Bless Adam's generous lil' heart for even trying. Honestly though, knowing they were in good hands for the morning was a huge load off.

Check in time was at 5:30 at the hospital, and after that was the usual waiting game from the lower level that has zero windows.  Enter the time warp that is the hospital.  Each stage is similar, but is punctuated with a big event, first they check you in and you get to wear the drape with holes everywhere that might be convenient for some type of tubing, next you get an IV, then you meet the anesthesiologist (who doesn't reappear again until it's time to poke you), then you wait a little more and might meet another nurse who will be with you for 30 more minutes, next there is talk of it being time to wheel you back at which point you tell them you are taking one more potty break for comfort's sake since you KNOW it'll be a ridiculous amount of time until you can actually do that again. And there it is...the time to go back for the big event.  Cozy warm blankets get piled on as they wheel you down one cold hallway after another and finally put you into a room with silver walls and big floodlights.  You get the big shot, they warm you up some more and then while the stuff is sending tingling sensations through your lower half you get to put your feet into 'the candy cane stirrups'(what a happy name for something that puts you in the most awkward position of your life). Then its a few tugs and pulls and twinges and voila...the dr. says we're done.  The whole thing takes about ten minutes!  That is the awesome part.

What is not so awesome is what comes next.  More waiting.  Waiting for the  anesthesia to ease it's way out of my system which for some reason always takes eons longer than promised.  My anesthesiologist, who was by the way very nice and did a great job, assured me that he didn't give me too much and that I'd be un-numb in an hour forty five. Tops. Once I could fully wiggle my toes, I got to graduate from the post op area with all of it's incessant monitor beeping to the upstairs short term care area with a lounger and Corey too.  I was very sore and couldn't quite stand yet, but was using all the positive juice I had and just knew it couldn't be long til all my feeling was back! Wrong again.  First of all, they won't let you leave until you can pee, second of all, you are way too numb to pee.  To cut to the chase, I waited a total of SEVEN hours form the time I received the anesthetic until the minute I was able to leave. People in waiting areas next to mine came and went.  In my pregnant state, complete with an aching abdomen, the need to eat a meal not just more ice chips and soda,  and the stress of my boys needing to be picked up from school clear across town, I was close to tears. It all worked out ok, but barely, and I mean we had exactly ten minutes to spare.

Phew!  It's over now and baby boy Reitz if safely stitched in.  Even after all of my whining and reluctance to embrace the surgery, it is all worth it, every second.

But I am glad it's done.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kindergarten Bound


It finally came.  The big day.  This 5 year old has been waiting for this day all summer long...and was a little miffed when he found out he didn't get to start for several days after his big brother!  It just wasn't fair!  For breakfast, this boy wanted Lucky Charms and eggs, an unlikely combo but just what he requested. After a few quick pics at the front door, we were off!

Corey and I both were able to drop him off for the big first day.  He was chatting to Asher about playground rules on the way in and couldn't wait to get to class.  He ran in, found the desk with his name on it, then found his spot on the floor, all smiles.  When one little girl was brought in crying and sobbing he just looked at us and shrugged.  He just didn't get it:)  I, on the other hand, had to leave quickly after that.  The emotions surged up and I started tearing up.  I said good bye to Beck, put on my sunglasses and headed out the door with Corey.  I did ok after crying for a minute, and even toughened up enough to go to the Kinder meeting the school does every year.  Then after I came through the front door, the first thing I saw was 'Bubba' tossed onto the couch.  Beck, now a big boy at school had left his favorite stuffed animal on the couch right before walking out the door, and it made me cry all over again!  What a baby.

After school, the boys came home happily.  Beck proudly told me of how a little boy had tripped and fallen down and how he went back to help him get his lunch box and ask if he was ok.  I love stories like that.  Beck also confessed to me that he'd had a hard time with raising his hand when answering questions (because he will answer them all), but that lots of kids had that problem too.  It was sweet. He let me know that he ate ALL of his lunch too, which was truly astounding since they never seem to have enough time to do that...he must have really worked up an appetite! The boys had some rice krispy treats, and talked about their day, recess, other kids and teachers...all the fun stuff.  Then, we hit the homework, which for Beck, is really not much but seemed mountainous to him after such a long day at school.  I forget how tired they get after a full day at only 5 years old.  That's just one reason of several why full day Kinder is not my favorite thing. Not long after the homework struggle began, he fell asleep on the counter, with his homework next to his head.  Poor kid.

I am happy to say that this little boy had a great first day of kindergarten. I just love (and miss) my little school boys:)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Little Fish

We had a fun first this summer...SWIM TEAM!!  Asher decided to take the plunge this year and give it a go, becoming an official Sea Monkey (our pool's team name).  It was a great experience for him and he really took to it.  It was every morning for an hour and he was genuinely disappointed on the mornings we didn't go.  The cold morning pool water didn't deter him either (he does not get that from me).  He absolutely loved competing in the swim meets on Saturdays too, mostly for the stack of ribbons he came home with each week.  He had quite a stack of silky ribbons by the end of the season.  The city runs things with lots of positivity which I love;  every competitor gets a ribbon whether they are in first or 12th place.  Asher had many different colors of ribbons of his own, some of which were blue, red and yellow (1st, 2nd and 3rd).  His best events were the backstroke and butterfly, neither of which I can actually perform myself so I was very impressed with his 8 year old skills. The extra energy he burned through was a bonus too!

  Beck ran around with all the other little buddies with siblings doing swim team too...finding roly polys, chasing rabbits, building imaginary fires, shooting water guns and eating snacks.  We also signed him up for a few weeks of tennis lessons since they're at the same place. Tennis was fun and something different and he looked so cute with a little racket in hand.  Beck also did some swim lessons right after swim team for a few sessions.  We are thinking next year might be Beckett's year to try swim team too...we shall see!  He's not sure about it yet.

At the end of the summer, Asher qualified for the City Meet.  He loved competing in it and came home with a second place medal for the relay!  He tried his best and swam his little heart out.

 I'm so proud of my little swimmers and all the progress they made this summer!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Third Grader

Wowsers.  Asher started 3rd grade today!  Third grade is one I remember and it was a fun one. I just can't believe my boy is that old already! He was really excited to go back and couldn't wait to get going.  His pick for breakfast was bacon, eggs and toast, we packed up lunch and backpack, took a few fun pictures by the door, and off we went!

My confident, handsome little guy excitedly headed to class.  I love that he loves to go to school, and he does so well.  It definitely makes a mom proud.  I walked him to class, gave him a hug and home I went with my buddy (only for a few more days) Beck.  This is the first year I didn't cry on the first day!  Big step!

After school I picked him up and heard all about his first day...what he did at recess and who he played with, what the teacher said, etc.  I had cookies and milk waiting for him and the boys gobbled down enough of them that dinner was definitely threatened.  His first day had been great, and I am so glad he likes his teacher, friends and school.  Here's to a great 3rd grade year!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Familly Announcement

On Sunday night, we gathered the boys together for a "family meeting and announcement." They came down and sat on the couch, awaiting what they thought would be an fhe lesson or a new prize of some sort.  Nope on both counts.  Corey and I (both anxious and a little giddy) told the boys that we would be having a baby!  I am now 12 weeks, feeling at least a smidge less bleh and starting to feel that this is happening. Asher's first response was great.  He assumed we were talking about a family friend, and started getting excited about that when we stopped him and told him that OUR family would be having a new baby.  WHAT? REALLY?! in a high pitched voice. He looked straight at my stomach then to my face, then back to my stomach in disbelief.  Beckett just didn't see how that was possible and, stifling a laugh, said to me "but mom, you're tummy's not fat!" With eyes wide and a huge smile across his face, Asher was beyond excited, definitely surprised and genuinely very happy about the news. So sweet.  Beckett just stared at us smiling.  After a few minutes, his comment was, "we need to be careful of our little Legos." Yes, we agreed.  That was a good idea. He also thought a baby brother would be good, and that babies cried a lot which was not so good.  Asher's mind was racing with ideas of all the things we need to do.  He thought Corey should quit work and stay at home, and that we should get a new car.  Then he started thinking of things we might need, and was concerned with where the baby would sleep.  Little comments kept coming up all evening that made it obvious that the wheels in their curious little minds were turning like crazy. Corey told them they could talk to the baby, so they both took turns at that too.  Beckett thought we might be teasing and kept asking if we were really having a baby and when I tucked him in to bed, he looked at me and said, "are you really having a baby?"  Yes, we really are having a baby!  Then he wanted to tell the baby good night, so he put his head within and inch or two of my tummy and told the baby good night:)  I think this whole thing will seem like an eternity to these two excited brothers, but they'll just have to patiently wait with the rest of us to meet our newest little Reitz.

Here's to new adventure, and a new little human to add to our clan.