Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Maestro

I have been looking forward to today for quite some time now...the day that I had a child to watch in the annual Primary Program. My day arrived at last, and Asher did not disappoint. I knew we would need to be early to get a good seat, so we prepared accordingly and showed up 30 minutes early. Unfortunately, our ward is RIDICULOUS about saving seats and you must be at least 45 minutes early to get one. Or, you can send your child an hour early, throw down some scriptures on a pew and call it good when you walk in at ten til and your seat is just waiting for you (I guess I'd do it too if I could, but just knowing you can't beat the system is frustrating!). We sat at the front of the gym section though, and that was good enough, especially since we only sat there up until the program started.
Asher made Corey walk him up when it started, and I was sitting occupying Beckett when I heard very familiar and very loud crying from the front of the chapel. It was definitely my kid, definitely not wanting to participate. Luckily, he agreed to stay with his class as long as Corey sat on the front row where he could see him. Soon, Beckett and I joined him, because I figured I could see better from there anyway. His claim to fame for the day was his conducting abilities (which were unknown until today). With each song, he stood just ahead of his class and had his arms fully outstretched, fingers out (a bit like a monster) and was moving them to the beat with gusto. It was hilarious. The best part was that he was intent and all business about it, not being silly and laughing. He was reigned in after a few songs to keep order, but not before we had a few laughs. He also had a small speaking part ("I pick up my blocks") which he did shyly but well. I had a few people afterward tell me how funny he was, and that he should conduct the MoTab someday.
I am so glad I finally was able to watch one of my own children up there, with utter parental pride. Loved it!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sound Effects Included

If there's one thing I've learned about little boys, it is that they make sounds, all kinds of sounds. Asher, for example, cannot move without making a noise to go with it. Corey has joked that he can "b-box", and really there is some truth to that! Beyond the imitable noises of a car or airplane, Ash has a specific sound he'll make if he's running, and another for when he turns quickly, or when he's dropping something, everything has a distinct and specific noise. The other day I bought a pineapple, and low and behold, he started in with a song/sound for that too! (This recording was prompted a bit, and I happened to have a prop to give you the whole picture)

Beckett too is beginning to make his fair share of sounds. There's the really loud shriek he repeats over and over when he's tired and hungry (think velocoraptor from Jurassic Park), and my favorite, the spitting noise. He does it when he's eating (a bit alarming when sweet potatoes are sprayed at you), he does it when he's sitting, he does it when I change his diaper. It is kind of becoming his sound of the moment. When he finishes up there is a rim of saliva around his mouth and wet droplets all over the rest of his face. Luckily, he was doing it a lot today at lunchtime (yes, I was dodging food), and I caught him on tape. What sweet and funny little boys.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Turning 32 and Other Nonsense

Atta boy Asher! Mommy is 23!

Another year. Ever since I turned 30 I had this strange notion that age 32 sounded good...oddly, better than 31. We'll see. The boys made my day special. Instead of going out to dinner this year, I wanted to go out to breakfast, which is something we almost never do. I love going out to breakfast and decided this was my chance to take full advantage, especially since my b-day fell on Labor Day this year. It was so nice! We ate at Mimi's (yum) and I've come to the conclusion that going out to breakfast is so much fun because you feel like you're on vacation.

After that we hit the zoo with Aaron and Meagan and grabbed some pizza/sandwiches at Saggio's. Fun and mellow.

One of the best parts of the day was when Corey and Asher made me a birthday cake. Corey is not one to brave the baking himself, he'd rather just buy one and have it over with, usually. It was so fun to watch them, and Asher loved every second of it. I had to laugh when Corey asked me questions like, "Is canola oil like vegetable oil?" and after helping him for a second, he was stunned when I started laughing because he didn't put frosting in between the two cake layers. It was yummy and oh so sweet of them. When the candles wouldn't stay on just right, he concocted some sort of a support system with other candles behind the cake. Very creative. Thanks guys for making my day so fun!

The rest of these pictures are from the last few weeks, ... fun and random ones I wanted to post.

The day we returned from our trip to Utah we hit the grocery store to fill our empty refrigerator. All that traveling was too much for the boys and they both conked out at the store...right where they were.

Just thought this was a cute one of Beckett at the ward swim party in July. Love those cheeks! He was a good little swimmer, even though the water was cold. Brrrr.

While in Utah, I went to the Farmer's Market in Provo with my mom and Kayla. She brought her double jogging stroller and walked around with the two boys, who are just 3 weeks apart. EVERYONE asked if they were twins. Kayla kept saying no until I told her she should just say was easier. So, she did and ended up getting asked questions and hearing stories from strangers about their twins. It was pretty funny. Who knew that twins received SO much attention?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Go On and Kiss the Girl

Corey came home tonight and told me a hilarious story.

He had a dental appointment in the late afternoon. He sees the Dentist I used to work for full time, and the hygienist(Sheila) I worked with cleans his teeth. Sheila has been dating a guy for a while, and always enjoys sharing the latest goings on. She came into the reception area and called Corey's name. Once he was in the room, she held out her hand (arm fully extended, palm folded, fingertips pointing towards the floor) and stared at him. Corey just stared at her hand, completely bewildered and not knowing what he was supposed to do or say. After hesitating a little longer than he was comfortable with, he decided to take her hand and kiss it!! He felt a little foolish, but couldn't think of what else she'd meant by it. She laughed and said, "thank you for kissing my hand, look at this!" Of course, she was referring to the newly acquired diamond on her ring finger. She had been showing him that she was engaged, the way that women often do. He'd missed her point completely and kissed her hand in the process. WHOOPS!!

I blushed just listening to Corey relay the story! I could not stop laughing. He was absolutely horrified and embarrassed by the whole situation. A girl would have caught her implications for sure, but a guy, well, I guess they're just not as into the new bling women might be sporting. I don't think Corey has ever even kissed my hand! I am still laughing about it all. I have no doubt that Sheila will be getting some good mileage out of that story with her patients. I wish I'd been a fly on the wall to witness the whole scene. My husband bending to kiss a fair maiden's hand with a chivalrous kiss. Hmmm...should I be jealous? Hehehehehe.