Monday, May 26, 2014

Beck's Preschool Graduation

I still have to chuckle to myself a little when I go to events like a preschool graduation...I didn't get any kind of graduation until I was a senior in High School (and it ended up getting rained out!).  Boy, have things changed.  I'm not complaining, it's just funny to me.  Beck's graduation was a big program full of singing, dancing, acting like a dinosaur (Beck was an ankylosaurus), and then a special moment when Miss Lindsey talks about each child.  They've been practicing for a while and were so, so cute for the big performance.  I ended up video recording almost the whole thing because Asher ended up getting sick and so Corey stayed home with him and I didn't want him to miss a thing!  I clapped and cheered on my preschool grad, proud and happy.  What a fun night.

When it was Beckett's turn to be recognized, Beck stood there the whole time, very seriously listening to what she would say.  She talked all about how Beckett was such a good listener and learner and that he always knew all the answers to questions they'd ask.  It sounds like sometimes they had to pass on him to be sure the other kids had a chance to answer, hehe.  I must admit that the details about our body systems (talking about the esophagus, stomach and intestines), volcanoes, dinosaurs and the solar system ("when 'astronoids' hit the atmosphere they speed up", etc) were pretty impressive.  He gets the details and has a great memory. It was always fun and interesting to hear about what he'd learned at preschool.  Little smarty pants. It's been a great year for him and I can't believe how fast it went.  I sure do love this he'll be on to Kindergarten (sigh).

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tooth Be Gone!

 Ohhhhh. This boy.  He has been itching to lose a tooth.  A quick buck from the Tooth Fairy seemed like a dream come true and ever since a smidge of looseness was detected by his prying little fingers, he's been working on it a little every day.

Corey and I gave it a go a week back after Beck insisted that his tooth was ready.  We tried it and our efforts were fruitless, especially after Mommy didn't get it on the first try and Beck was a little afraid and not ready to try it again. (Lots of OW's, and ended in tears after a second of tugging).

Fast forward to take two.  This time, although still a bit leery of any pain that might be involved, the tooth was practically falling out on its own.  When having second thoughts, we mentioned to him that if it fell out in his sleep he might swallow it(ew) and that would mean NO money from Ms. Tooth Fairy.  That helped.  He let Corey try first (not his fave thing to do, haha), and he didn't get it.  Then, it was my turn (I admittedly DO like pulling out teeth, hehe), and after a quick tug it was out.  Beck was about to burst into tears the second I pulled, but when he realized it was out, he turned quick and was all smiles.  It was hilarious.

Beck wrote a special note to the Tooth Fairy, and couldn't wait to put it under his pillow.  We now have a happy boy who will be a dollar or two richer by morning no doubt.  Way to be brave, little buddy!