Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Corey's Forty!


This year was a big one.  One that even Corey was a little spooked by.  The big 4-0.  In my mind, I had built it up to be a momentous occasion that demanded a big trip or huge party, but with a little man, a trip wasn't in the cards and Corey wasn't really wanting a big party.  Sooooo.... I had to get creative.  We bought him some fun presents for the big day (a Smoky Bear t-shirt being one of the funner ones), and I buckled down and made him a video telling him how much we all love him.  The thing took me hours upon hours to finish, but the end result was just so fun and heartfelt.  It turned out great and I think it really drove home how much we love him.  We had a yummy chocolate cream cake, and went to an Isotopes game to celebrate too.  During the game, a fun birthday wish flashed up on the scoreboard a couple of times ( I didn't get a great shot at it, but you get the idea!)...the boys helped decide what to write.  They were so excited about celebrating the big day...they even made banners and posters to put on the walls, all of which had to do with baseball.  They were very funny (and I'm a little sad I didn't get some pictures of them) with sayings that had to do with the best dad needing to be at the game so the 'topes could win...stuff like that and funnier.  Clever boys.

Forty looks good on this man of mine and I am beyond thankful for being able to be a part of nearly half of that time.  I love him, and his boys love him, and he's made MUCH of his years so far.  Happy Birthday to the best guy around.  We all love him so!


Thursday, June 2, 2016

2015-16 School Year Highlights

Oh, man was this year fun.  The boys had lots going on, as always, and did great at school.  Here is a quick recap of some of the year's events:

Fall Festival- so much fun for everyone, really.  Treats, games, prizes, costumes.  They loved it all.

Science Night:  This is the night where the kids who did science projects get to show off their displays to parents and students.  This year the boys each did their own project.  Beckett learned all about Garter Snakes, and Asher grew some killer crystals and compared them.  

Valentine's Day:  Okay, so I think they've officially deemed this "Friendship Day"  at school to be more PC, but I'm old school, so Valentine's Day it is.  Anyway, they still bring in 'Valentine's', so what's the big deal.  Sigh.  Here were this year's valentine' fun and Star Wars-y.

Reading Clubs/Parties:  Each year our librarian sponsors book clubs for the kids.  The younger grades read a set number of Caldecott Books and do reports on them.  The older grades participate in 'Land of Enchantment', in which they read a set number of books of different types (Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry) by local authors.  Both boys participated this year and were able to go to the parties.  Beck had a medal and a treat, and Asher had a pizza party...parents get to come to both, so yay for me too!  I'm proud of them for doing more than just what's required in the classroom and reading is always a plus.  Good job boys!