Saturday, September 10, 2016

Labor Day Weekend 2016

Labor Day weekend was a much needed break from the norm.  On Thursday night, we went to a Lobo Football game.  It was Dawson's first and he was amazing!  He seemed to be entertained by the noises and all the people, and even the game.  He was a total champ that night, and we think we'll probably do it again.  Corey and I had a random, fun jaunt to Target on Friday after a nice lunch at Il Vicino but before the kids were out of school and ended up finding an ice cream maker!  Necessity, right? We've just never had one and were excited to find it sitting there, marked down, just waiting for us to take it home.  The boys were really excited about it too once they saw our find.  After being unable to book a sitter on a holiday weekend we ended up making ice cream that night, which was a huge hit! 

Saturday, Asher had a soccer tournament, so we enjoyed watching him play his heart out and that night Corey made his first batch of root beer with a kit we gave him for his birthday.  Yummm.  We decided it could be fizzier, but it was tasty and will hopefully be the first batch of many.

Monday, we relaxed at home then went for a fun bike ride with the family.  I'm always surprised at how long it takes us to get out of the garage for one of these jaunts.  Once we finally make it out, it's always worth the effort though.  Dawson was my little passenger and did great, although his favorite part was definitely our stop at the park.  We topped off the weekend with a barbecue and some Wii.  Good times!