Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fun Weekend

Corey started back to school this past week, meaning that a new routine is starting to settle into our home. We did not let this stop us from having a fun and packed weekend! We hit an Isotopes baseball game on Thursday night...Asher's first. He seemed to really get into the 'chile/taco race' (for all those NM residents and fans, you know to what I am referring). Unfortunately we only saw about 15 minutes of the game because it started pouring rain. Seriously, we were soaking wet but it was still fun.

Friday night we went to the 'Feast with the Beasts' at the zoo. We love the zoo, and it was nice to be there in the evening to see the animals. Asher devoured his pop-sickle. What a nice night!

I had been looking forward to Saturday for a while now because it was the day Brianna was coming to take pictures of our family! She is amazing, and has such talent. Our pictures turned out fantastic, and I cannot thank her enough. She helped us feel comfortable, and it really was so much fun...even Corey got into the shoot. Click on this link to view her blog of our shoot, the pictures are so much fun!! I have so many favorites, and can't wait to put them up all over our house!!

Asher checking out Brianna's camera.

Saturday night we all went to a Birthday party (Mr. Stoney Cutchen turned the big 2). I seriously think kids parties are the best. You can't beat a jumper and rainbow chip cupcakes. Asher loved running around the whole time, and finally took a small break to eat this luscious watermelon. Needless to say, he was exhausted when we got home.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Hawaiian Holiday

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Aloooooooha! We just returned from a fun trip to Hawaii. Our group included Aaron and Meagan, Adam, and his friend Anne. We stayed at a little beach house on the North Shore of Oahu (in Laie), and really loved having the beach within 80 or so feet of our house. We hit the beach every day, and were able to see lots of other gorgeous beaches along the north shore too. It was absolutely beautiful, and we had some fun times.

I would be lying if I said Asher was an angel the whole time. He definitely dished out his fair share (or more) of crabbiness, but.... when you dislocate your wrist, get a 104+ degree fever for a couple days, are teething (darn canines), dealing with a 4 hour time difference and don't have any toys to play with....I guess a little crabbiness might be allowed.

He ended up loving the ocean, even after a few wave-induced face plants in the sand. Oh, and the sand...he was in heaven, the biggest sand box he's ever seen! I think he was especially proud when he was swam all by himself, wearing his arm floaties.

Our biggest relief: that Hurricane Flossie lost steam and petered out before ruining our vacation. My biggest regret: Not seeing a sea turtle (in the ocean). Scariest moment: Besides Asher's awful fever, seeing an eel while snorkeling. Favorite Hawaiian Food: Shaved Ice with sweetened condensed milk or vanilla ice cream. Funniest moment: Asher rolling his face in the sand, then discovering he didn't like it that much after all. Favorite Memory: Walking our beach early in the morning with Corey and calm and beautiful (we tried to let everyone else have a little more sleep without Asher's noise).

Touching sea creatures at Sea Life Park and swimming with Daddy.

Here we have Asher showing that crabbiness, my favorite treat...hawaiian shaved ice, I wish I was eating some right now! Asher playing around, and the three of us at Laie Point.

Mr. Sandman a.k.a. Asher, and my two boys at Hanauma Bay.

More fun in the sand, and all of us visiting the Battleship Missouri at Pearl Harbor.

The group at the P.C.C.(thanks again to Adam's Polynesian pals for hooking us up so nicely! Wow!), and all of us indulging in more of that delicious shaved ice.

Some family pics at Turtle Beach, and at the Laie temple. "Eddie would go" store front at the Quicksilver store in Haleiwa...great heroic story and worth checking out if you've never heard it.