Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011

Whew! It was a super busy Christmas season this year. I think having a school-age kiddo compounded it a bit(in a good way, though) with performances, field trips and classroom celebrations. We also slipped in a trip to Utah to spend some time with my family.

Asher's school events were fun. We took a field trip to Old Town to eat at the High Noon Restaurant and peruse the plaza to see all the Christmas decor there. Fun! His amazing teacher also put together a whole Christmas concert. Getting twenty 5 year-olds to sing and perform for 45 minutes must've been quite a feat, but somehow she pulled it off.

Our trip to Utah was fun, as always. We went to Temple Square and saw the lights for the first time in a few years. Our kids were in awe, even in the frigid temps. Brrrr. When we were kids, we re-inacted the nativity most years, and this was our first attempt with all the little cousins.  Hilarious, is all I can say.  The 'donkey'  aka rocking horse gave the kids a chance to pretend they were in a rodeo;  at least that's what it looked like.  It was extra fun having all the cousins around! Only my sister, Laurie and her family weren't there(and they were missed). Our one hiccup of the trip was getting Beck's new bike home. Yowser, that wasn't fun. We almost left it there and figured we'd just buy one when we came home, but in the end we lucked out. I guess the Southwest baggage guys had some mercy and decided not to toss some kid's new Christmas toy headlong into the pile of suitcases. A Christmas Miracle, I say.  Next time, we may have to let Santa know we'd like the gifts delivered to our house when we are out of town.

New Year's was at home, and we spent it with Corey's family, so there was LOTS of family time this holiday season!

Asher's 6th Birthday!

We now have a six year old, which is breaking into big-kid territory. Whoa!  We were in Utah right before his birthday, so we had a party there, and then another one at home on the actual day.  It seems like most years he gets a couple celebrations, but that's the upside of having a birthday when there's lots of traveling and family involved. Asher wanted a Spiderman birthday, so we found a fun cake and some spidey stuff.  We needed a pinata, and figured Asher would choose the Spiderman one.  But, nope.  He surprised us and went for the giant cupcake instead!  All the cousins had fun breaking open the pinata, eating cake and ice cream and celebrating. 

Grumpy Beckett joined the party, but only after being woken from a much needed nap. We should have just let him sleep.  Woops!

The party at home was a fun one too.  Corey's family joined us there, and we did cake, ice cream and party #2.  Asher scored a really cool Razor bike (I can ride it too, and it's fun!), and loved having everyone around to celebrate with.  I can't believe my boy is 6!  We are so proud of the great kid he is, and how lucky we are to have him in our family. 

Happy Birthday, Ash!  We love you SO SO much!