Monday, March 15, 2010

Funnies and Fears

Lately I feel so bad that I haven't written down all the fun things the boys do. So, here are a few I'd like to remember and maybe even tease them about later.

Beckett is still very much a ground dweller, crawling his way through the world. He loves to stand for 10-15 seconds at a time on his own, but has no desire to move his feet which, really is fine by me. In his travels, he usually likes to have a toy in one hand, usually in the form of a car, a plastic doughnut, or his glasses. Of course he doesn't actually wear glasses, but he does wear Mr. Potato Head's glasses. You know, the tiny plastic yellow ones that only fit onto Mr. Potato Head. Beck loves them. He loves for you to put them on him. It is so funny, and it makes him so happy. It'll be a sad day indeed when we can't stretch them out and squeeze them on. We'll just have to find him a larger pair.

Asher is, as always, hilarious. One of his favorite movies is Babe (the pig). In this movie, Babe has a particular duck friend named Ferdinand. Now, for some odd reason ever since he started watching this movie last spring, he's had a fear of ducks. Not the real ones, but the other kind. He is petrified of the "ducks that come through the window." What? Seriously though, once nighttime comes, he won't go near a window with open blinds or curtains, particularly in his bedroom or in the bathroom. He tells us that the ducks will come in the windows, and get him. He is genuinely afraid of those ducks. Poor kid.
Then there's the butterflies. At night (always at night, right?) he tells me and Corey that the butterflies will get him. We can't totally trace the roots of this one, but we think it might be moths. Last summer, for some reason moths would sometimes come in through his heating vent. He'd run to us making crazy claims of butterflies in his room after we'd put him to sleep. We just figured he was trying to stay up longer, until we realized (more than once) that he was telling the truth, and that there were actually moths hiding up on the ledge in his bedroom sometimes. Creepy! I can hardly blame him, but to hear him talk about those scary butterflies is kind of funny.
Maybe there's something to all things that fly. Who knows?
I sure do love these boys.

I had to post a couple of pics of cute Beckett in this adorable hat. It's Asher's size, but I can't resist sticking it on lil' Beck. I'm just gonna have to get another one I guess. A friend of mine, Adrienne makes and sells them on Etsy. Her hats are SO cute. She is one amazing crocheter! Check out her shop.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A few things I've learned as a least so far.

1. Hot glue guns and/or packing tape can fix anything.
2. If it looks like poop, it probably is.
3. A clean floor is really just a dirty floor waiting to happen.
4. A clean house is really just a messy house waiting to happen.
5. Dry clean only = sits in your closet, never to be worn.
6. I was an amazing, perfect mom...before I had kids.
7. I remember thinking, "I'll never do that..." I've surely done it.
8. My kids look positively angelic when they're asleep.
9. I was never so acutely aware of my own faults and weaknesses as I am now that I have children.
10. Your baby is always sitting on half of the food you thought he ate.
11. Every toy in the world takes batteries. I should have bought stock in Duracell.
12. The grocery store can bring out the worst in your kids.
13. Garbage Day is the most exciting day of the week, hands down.
14. It is instinctual for children to yell, "YOU'RE HURTING ME!!" loudly as you try to quietly discipline them in public.
15. Wipies rock. Not sure I can ever live without them.
16. Being a mom really is the BEST job in the world. And the hardest.
17. Just when you think your kid is potty trained for good, they start having ridiculous mishaps.
18. My husband is a super fun, interactive, involved and loving daddy. Who knew he'd be so great?
19. Most 'owies' can be fixed with a kiss and a hug from mom. Pure magic:)
20. I will never know it all as hard as I try;)   

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You Can Say That Again

My boy Asher has the most amazing memory, and I can't help but be baffled by some of the things he comes up with.  Here are a few of the things he's wowed us with lately....

1. Cell phone numbers.  He somehow remembers Corey's, and mine, as well as our home number.  Good boy!

2.  Our address.  Yes, a necessary bit of information for a kiddo to recite, but I'm not sure how many 4 year olds know it so well.

3.  Songs from toys.  Okay, so this is not such pertinent info, but he knows them none the less. 

4.  Entire books.  We read a lot, and so you'd expect some memory to kick in, but we are talking about some long books like The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and at 2 years old, I could stop anywhere in The Polar Express and he'd finish the page.  He knew the whole thing.  He'll memorize books from the library after a week of occasional reading.  I'll stop anywhere in the book, and he can fill in the rest.  What a fun little game.

5.  Commercials.  This often comes up while I'm grocery shopping.  While walking down a grocery isle, Asher will see a product and start telling me the 3 benefits of toddler milk, or why Neutrogena is beneficial for my skin, or how chlorox wipes will clean and disinfect my kitchen, or that Dannon yogurt is creamy and delicious.  I could go on and on.  I have my very own walking advertisement.  It's absolutely hilarious:)

Oh, how I love this boy, and his amazing little mind.