Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Asher's 11th Birthday

 Ah, this boy.  The 'growing up too fast' thing is killing me, and he's leading the way.  Eleven already! First thing this morning he came to check in with Corey and me, and after we wished him a happy birthday, he said, "And now I'm officially a pre-teen!"  We agreed.  Last year, he insisted that entering double digits put him squarely in pre-teen range but we weren't so sure.  This year, I think he might be right!

For Ashman's big day, we started out with a breakfast request of pancakes (with mini M&M's) and eggs.  In the afternoon he opened up presents at home then we headed over to Texas Roadhouse for a fun birthday dinner.  Asher absolutely loves it when restaurants sing to him and bring on the birthday hoopla.  Sitting on a saddle and getting a mini brownie served up with a big "Yee-haw!" from the whole restaurant fit the bill and he was a happy boy.  He was able to talk to both sets of Grandparents and his great Grandpa and Grandma Pettit even called to wish him a happy birthday!
Corey and the boys went to a UNM basketball game after dinner to celebrate some more.  This boy is a huge fan of all things sports and loves to cheer on the Lobos.  UNM won and the boys had a fun time.  When they came home we finally had some cookie cake...everyone was too full after dinner!

We are so proud of Asher.  Besides watching sports, he enjoys playing soccer, basketball, swimming, running, and baseball and I have to say he is pretty good at all of them.  He's learning to play the piano, and sings beautifully too.  He loves to read (Harry Potter still reigns supreme), loves the Titanic, Legos, Star Wars and playing the Wii (he has started beating his dad on a regular basis, but don't tell!).  Asher is also an awesome big brother...he adores his baby bro beyond measure, and plays with his younger bro constantly.  I am so lucky to have this smart, sweet kid as my boy!  We all love you Asher and hope your birthday was happy!

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