Saturday, February 25, 2017

Baptism Day for B

Oh my goodness. This was indeed a special day for a special boy.  Beckett had been looking forward to his baptism day for some time now and none of us could believe it was here so quickly!  We have been talking, preparing and reading up with Beckett so he would be as ready as possible for the big baptism day.  He was especially excited to get his own new scriptures (which he asked for a few times on his baptism day...he just couldn't wait! So sweet.) The baptism itself went great.  I think he was a little nervous, but it didn't show a bit.  He even said later that the water felt warm...lucky boy! It seems like the kiddos always say that the water was a little cold.  There was a wonderful spirit in the room when he entered the water and was baptized.  I had a nice spot with Dawson in my arms to see it all, behind the little spectators gathered in on the floor in front of the font. There is nothing quite like your own child's baptism day.  It is such a special, joyous, heart filling spiritual experience.  Corey confirmed him a member of the church afterwards and did a beautiful job.  Dawson had decided he liked the baptism part okay but was done by the time the confirmation rolled around, so he was getting loud and squirmy!  I REALLY didn't want to have to take him out.  My sister Jen rescued my by swooping in to save the day and take him into the hallway for me.  I was so grateful, truly.  We were so blessed to have friends and family there to enjoy the day with us.  Grandparents on both sides, as well as two of my sisters (Jen and Kayla) and their families came out to support us.  It was wonderful to have everyone there and the kids couldn't get enough of all the cousin time.

After the baptism, we had a fun ice cream sundae party to celebrate...cherries and all.  And we gave him his new scriptures, which he spent the next several evenings eagerly marking up.  We are so proud of our Beckett and the choice he's made to be baptized into the church and receive the Holy Ghost.  He's a great kid with many talents and this first great choice he's made will be a boon to him throughout his life.   Congrats on a wonderful baptism day, B!  We sure do love you.

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