Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Recital with the Reitz boys

Wahoo!  We just finished a 2nd year of piano lessons. The boys have and are continuing to learn a lot from their teacher Sister Walker.  They've really enjoyed working with her and so far it's been a good experience for them.  I love hearing them start a new piece and hearing how they improve over a bit of time.  Music in the home is wonderful!

Dawson was excited for them too, and after every performer he'd say, "Asher's turn?"  or, "Beckett's turn?" in his slightly too loud voice.  Cute and not naughty but too loud, so Corey walked the halls in between the boy's performances to help keep the peace.  

They learned some fun pieces this year.  For their recitals they each played three pieces.  Asher's favorite was the Imperial March and Beckett loved Herr Schmidt.  They both did fantastic despite being nervous, and were happy afterwards. Their teacher mentioned at the end that she loved

her view at the front because she could see their faces when they finish...so true! I did catch Beck's reaction as he gathered his things to sit down.  Satisfaction and relief.  Nothing like a job well done!  Love my little musicians.

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